Sunday, December 18, 2011


Friday was my Christmas party at school.  Here are some pictures of it:
You might notice this picture contains Paul.  Mrs. Alvarez was so nice and she let him sit next to me and participate in the party, too.  This is a picture of Lola and me and you can see Mrs. Alvarez, too.

This is my other best friend, Bailey.  She would have been in the picture with me and Lola but Mrs. Alvarez makes her sit at a different table.

Here's me and Paul after the party.  We are standing in front of my locker.  Paul is blowing a straw.  He got a stocking, too, only his didn't have his name on it.

 We had cookies with frosting.  Yum!

This is a picture of Nitzia and Alanii and Ivan.  I'm not really going to marry Ivan or Paul when I grow up.  I can't marry Paul!

This is Diego and Natalie.  Mama tutors Diego on some days.

This wasn't at school.  It was the next day.  Miss Magunn did a puppet show at the library.  This isn't really Santa Claus.  It's Miss Magunn.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Today was Fabulous

Today was fabulous because I got a new book of my own, Red Riding Hood.

I loved when we got our little book.  These two ladies read to us.  One was skinny and one looked just like Mrs. Rabbit.

It was warm outside and we didn't even go to recess.  We just had Lego time.  (It was below 50 all day for the record.)

I made a mistake in math.  I did it right but there was the right number on the wrong side.

I did Station 3 and painted a Christmas tree with yellow and red dots.  The stem was black, but it should be brown.  She does have brown paint, so I don't know why we used black.

We're almost done with this year.

They're still painting the gym, so no PE.  We all went to music.  We sang, "It Must be Santa" and "Five Little Snowmen Standing by my Door."

At lunch I wasn't really that hungry but I really wanted some food but I wasn't that hungry.  I wanted some food so I ate everything in my lunch.

Hahahahaha I love you.  Now can I go listen to that book?

Here's a joke:  Monkeys are  doodies made of hair.  I love you!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Colder Than an Iceberg

Mama, I wish you had brought the car to school today because I'm so cold, I'm colder than an iceberg.

Today Bailey taught me how to tie my shoe with one bunny ear.

We read the Gingberbread Man.

We didn't go to recess.  We played with Legos instead.

We didn't go to PE either.  They're painting the gym, so we went to music.  We sang "Five Little Snowman Standing By My Door" and "It Must Be Santa." 

My favorite part about today was, I think, everything.

Here's a joke:  Computer Branch Cuter.

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Day after Thanksgiving Break/Rat

Today at school was exciting!  First because we brought a rat skeleton to school.  It came from Kaa and Paul's house.  They are Daddy's godparents.  They live in Texarkana.  Mrs. Alvarez showed us the skeleton and let us draw it in our science journal.

We had three students absent today.  I was a good listener.  Of course I stayed on green.

The state of the day was Ohio.

I was happy that I found my scarf and my Minnie mouse hat in my locker. Also, I left my lunchbox there.  That was okay because Mama bought me a monkey one anyway.

I did tablework. 

Do you know what I call a barrette?  A parrette.  That's my joke.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Crafts and more fun

I poked myself a little bit with a needle a few minutes ago.  Joke time?  Not yet.

Since Friday, I went to a birthday party, said goodbye to my favorite cashier at Aldi, went shopping at Kohl's with Mama, went to church, and made lots of crafts.  Here are some pictures:
Daddy is very silly.  On Friday night, we pretended that our ears were made of crayons.  Heehee!
On Saturday, we went to Ella's birthday at Little Gym.  Fun!

I got to do a bunch of tricks.

On Saturday afternoon, Mama and I went on a girls' only shopping trip to Kohl's.  We bought me a new outfit and one to match Baby Doll.  We were trying to take a cute picture with Paul, but he kept being silly.

Even though it was cold, I didn't wear a jacket to go bike riding because I wanted everyone to see that my outfit matched Baby Doll's.  Unfortunately no one noticed.

On Sunday, I got Daddy to help me with this craft.  He sewed a doggie bed for my dog, Gingja.  Like Ninja, but it's Ginja.  Mama made the leash and dog food.

Today Mama let me sew some things on my own.  Here I am with a pillow church.  I drew this, cut it out, sewed it, stuffed it, and sewed it some more all by myself.  I love my pillow church.

Here's me trying out my pillow church.  It is filled with cotton balls.

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call a doodoo head?  A googoo head.  Not really, just a joke.  Do you know what I call a shooshoo head?  A poopoo head.  Hahahahaha.  I'm rhyming.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photos from Class of the Week

We were the Bruce Shulkey Class of the Week this week.  Here's some photos just before we made the announcements.

Mrs. Galban and Mrs. Alvarez let me hold the flag, but apparently I didn't get to take it home.

We each got a pencil from Mrs. Galban.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vermont Day

Did you know Mr. Gooch got a new student today and he did not listen to Mrs. Hi? 

We are class of the week this week.  That means that today we went to the office to do the announcements.  Mama and Daddy were there with Paul so they got to come with us.  We got to go to Mrs. Galban's office and Mrs. Freeman's office.  I don't know who Mrs. Freeman is (vice-principal.).

I thought I got to take the flag home today but it appears that I did not.

We just did math in class today.  Did you write about class of the week?  Good.

I didn't get to finish my high frequency words today.  I had to get a clipboard to go over there and make sentences.  I have a hard time with the new words.  They are:  she, with, for, and I can't remember what else.

Type the sentences I wrote.  Here.  "I have a dog.  I have a new book."  Okay?

Tonight we're going back to school for the meeting for the moms and dads for the parents that have smart, smart kids.  (gifted and talented meeting.) 

I told Bailey I was pretty smart because I know most everything Mrs. Alvarez teaches.  I told her I am a little bit smarter than her, I believe. 

If someone tells me I'm not smart, I tell them, "Don't tell me that.  I am very, very smart."

This morning Paul made me so mad.  I was as mad as the Pilgrims when the king said they had to go to his church.

Do you know what I call Mrs. Barton?  Pen Barton.  I really don't.  It's a joke.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Hampshire Day

We didn't go to recess today because it was wet and Mrs. Terry's class didn't go out.

In math we colored things red and yellow.

We read a little book called Sit, Sam, Sit.  It was on round 3.

I went to station 4.  You make Indian corn.  We cutted a piece of white paper out and we colored it and she had little squares that were black, red, yellow, and brown.  We glued them on there to make Indian corn.  Guess what!  She stapled real Indian corn leaves on there!  They were like greyish, like the color of the deck, like real Indian corn leaf color.  Kind of light brown.

I went to Art.  We colored with some plastic that we put under the table.  We colored some insects.

Lunch was good.  And we read the book, Papa Please Get the Moon.  He got a very long ladder and it was long enough to touch the moon.  Like, he touched the sky. 

A big boy came and got our canned goods.  Another big boy was pushing a basket.  They came from room to room, room to room.

What happens if you bring five canned goods?  You get a bracelet to not wear a uniform the rest of your life? 

No, just one day.

Do you know what I call popsicles?  Copsicles.  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Pugerdot.

Do you what I call tables?  Pabels.  Like labels only with a P.  That's all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

State stuff

After Barack Obama, Mama started putting states in my lunchbox.  The states I learned so far are:
well, I don't know.  I want some Halloween candy.  I gave almost all of mine to Daddy and now I don't have much left.  Oh well.

I went to PE today.  We played snowball fights.  I hurt my tooth AGAIN.  It was the same tooth.

Monday we did a Storybook Parade.  I was Fancy Nancy Stellar Stargazer and Bailey was Fancy Nancy's best friend, Bree.  Lola was Catwoman.  Paul walked in the parade too.  He was wearing his race car driver outfit, but he wouldn't carry his car book.  He carried a football book instead.

Yesterday I looked for my missing hand sanitizer and I found it in "Bob's" chair pocket.  I asked him to give it back but he wouldn't.  He said he bought it at Wal-Mart, but it's Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and they don't sell it there.  Mama told Mrs. Alvarez about it since I wouldn't.  Mrs. Alvarez told Bob to bring it back tomorrow. We had to go to Mrs. Terry's class to talk about it.

Want to hear a joke?  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Booger Dot.  Hehehehehehehehe.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Barack Obama Day 44

You have to wear this red ribbon every day to school your whole life.

Today was Barack Obama day.  He's our president now.  He lives in I forgot the name.  I don't know much about him.

Ms. Lee taught us today.  Mrs. Alvarez went to the doctor.  She just read us a book.  She read us "A Scarecrow's Hat."

We played at recess.  I played with Lola and Bailey.  Yesterday I couldn't play with Lola because she thinks Matthew is cute so she decided to chase him all recess.  I don't think he's cute and he's too fast so I didn't want to waste my recess running after him.

We went to music and guess what we played?  It starts with an instru....Instruments!  That was easy!  We played all different kinds.  One was a drum, one was sand blocks, one was a maraca, and that's all I can remember.

I wore Halloween socks.  Nobody said anything about them except Ms. Lee said, "Those are some long, cool looking socks!"

Here's a joke:  You know what I call Cinnamon Toast Crunch?  Cinnamon Toast Crunch.  Good one.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 43 George W. Bush

Did you know we got a new student?  His name is MMuael.

Lola gave me a note.  I left it at school.  I didn't get Mrs. Alvarez to read it.  I read one of them, but I forgot what it said and I didn't open the other one.

Nina came today.  Her name is Nina Boyett.

In P.E. we practiced jumping rope and then we went outside.

I forgot what we did in math.  In stations, I went to Station 5.  I spelled words.  I already forgot what words.  One of them was swim.  I forgot how to spell it.

I made my tablework.

My president was George W. Bush.  He lives in Texas.  Dallas. 

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call crackers?  Quackers.  Do you know what I call cups?  cwups.  That's it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 39 Peanut Farmer Day

Jimmy Carter was a peanut farmer, so my card today had a peanut in it.

Did you know we got a new student to the school?  His name is John and he ate his food faster than anyone ever.

Natalie got there late and Lola was absent. 

We went to music.  We didn't sing anything.  We watched The Magic School Bus.  It was a fiction story about a boy that made an instrument that was too tall and it wouldn't make noise.  He put something to make noise on it.  The Magic School Bus made the noise.  The Magic School Bus got sick and they put a thermometer in it and they pulled it with a rope and the kids pushed it.

We read Too Many Pumpkins about a lady that hated pumpkins.  She remembered when she was a girl all there was to eat was pumpkins.

We just played and ran around at recess.

We didn't do math because we did another paper; we did a test instead.

I went to station 2 and made five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.  Station 3 is the funnest station ever.  You paint a tree and then you glue squares on there for falling leaves.

Five little pumpkins sitting on a gate.  The first one said "It's getting late."  The second one said, "There are witches in the air."  The third one said, "Who gives a care?"  The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run."  The fifth one said, "Let's have some fun."

Here's a joke:  Five little pumpkins sitting on a dinosaur.  The dinosaur said, "Let's have some dinosaur pie!"

That's it.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JFK Day and report cards

Today was report card day.  In kindergarten, we don't get grades, we just get a note about whether or not we can do something.  Apparently I am still developing skills in sharing, following directions, and working on computers.  I also need to practice hopping on one foot, but I'm not sure why that's important and on my report card.

We didn't go to recess today because it was too wet outside.  My backpack was heavy because it had two jackets, a library book, a full folder, a lunch box and an umbrella.

We played Legos instead of going to recess.  I built airplanes.

We read a book today but I forgot what it was.  We read Pumpkin Jack, which Mrs. Lee read.

In math we counted to five. 

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call a cracker?  A quacker.  Do you know what I call sardines?  Sarcheese.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Harry S. Truman

Today I was frustrated because my teacher said I was being rude.  Well, she said the whole class was being rude but I wasn't being rude. 

I played recess.  You play on the playground.

I learned about the letter A, which I already know all the letters.  Anteater starts with a, and apple, and ant.

It made me mad when she said I was doing stuff mean to her which I wasn't.  She thought I was being rude to her.  I wasn't doing anything rude.  The others were telling her what to do.  She said everyone was being rude, but I wasn't really.  She didn't know.

Zachary played with me at P.E. I said, "You live down my street!"  He said, "Yes I do."

I want to get ice cream now.  I want to have joke time now.

Do you know what I call crackers?  Quackers.  Hahahahahahahahaha!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Franklin D. Roosevelt Day

So today Mrs. Alvarez moved Lola and I was like, "Mrs. Alvarez, why?"  She said that Lola was having a talking partay so she had to move her.  I was like, "I'm not partaying with her!  I'm just learning with her!"

I brought my friends rings today.

Next Thursday Lola is going to come to our house after school.

We're allowed to wear a Texas Ranger shirt tomorrow, so is it okay if I wear my Troy Aikman jersey?

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Calvin Coolidge is a cool guy

Hey, did you know another kindergarten class got popsicles today?  I saw it.  We didn't and I didn't think that was fair.

When will we go on a field trip?  Two kids in my class go on field trips all the time.  They ride the bus and I know they are going on a field trip.

The funnest part today was art.  I made a tree out of my hand and arm.  Then you color it in brown, green, and pink.

I like everything today.

Lunch was good.  We finished math today.  I was on green.

We read the Littlest Old Lady Who was Not Afraid of Anything.  I was like, "I have that one!"

Did you know next month we will wear costumes to school and dress up like a story book character?

Here's a joke:  Elephants, I call them chelaphants

Monday, October 3, 2011

Day 29 Warren G. Harding Day

Mommy, I couldn't open those crackers.  Too bad for that.

We didn't finish math today.  Mrs. A did part of it and then said she was tired.  I was like, "Of course you're tired.  You've been teaching kids all day!"

I found my sunglasses.  They were in my backpack.

Write this song, "Hello there, hello there.  How are you?  How are you?  It's so good.  It's so good to see you.  And we're all here together again!"

We went to recess. 

It made me giggle because Mr. Gooch's class said DJ was a baby and he's one because he cries a lot and he's a baby.  I don't know why he always cries at PE.

It was funny. 

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call flowers?  Blowers?  Do you know what I call Penguins?  Enguins.  That's it.  Let's go get my hair cut.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 28 Woodrow Wilson

Sorry I've been out of the blogsosphere lately.  I was cranky yesterday.

Today was career day.  We learned about fire department and how to not waste water.  If you have a baby or a little brother like a three year old, you should not leave the medicine on the table because if they eat it it could turn it into poison.  Poison ivy.

You should brush your teeth three times a day.  Midnight, noon and morning. 

We got stickers to put on the phone about  poison.

I got in trouble at the end of the day because we were walking to the door and I stepped on a piece of bread.  Not from Mrs. Alvarez.  She wasn't mad at me.

There was a dog.  You have to read books to learn how to train a dog. 

There was music therapy.  That dog said sit and walk with me.  Where Sugar Dot crashes into me, I almost fall over.  You have to walk your dog on the left side of your body.  Now, can it be joke time?

Sugar Dot is really named SW.  That's the joke.  It's really SD.

One more.  Sugar Dots are Sugar Dots, not SDs.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Teddy Roosevelt Day

I know the Conga song.

I hate this skirt.  It's embarrassing because I can't zip it up.  I have to wear it though because Mrs. Terry said I looked cute in it.  Did you do laundry?  I really wish you would do laundry.

I'm hungry.  I wish we could go to McDonald's.

I don't like this skirt.  I don't want to do my blog.  It's not fun.  Well, it's fun but I don't want to do it today. 

Paul, don't be rude to me!

(Apparently Claire is in a bad mood.)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Day 25 William McKinley

Yesterday I didn't blog because we went to the consignment sale, Just Between Friends.  I got a bunch of new fancy clothes to wear to church.  Paul got a cowboy outfit and I got a Nemo.  I love my Nemo.

I want to say that I had fun today at school.

I went to  music today.  I forgot what we sang.

Today Lola was back and I sat by her at lunch.  Bailey had to go to the doctor because she got late in the middle of specials.  She had a stick in her ear.  I heard something about a stick in her ear.

I was on green today.  One boy was on the floor.  His clothespin was on the floor.

Joke time!  Poopoo You Stink!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 23 Benjamin Harrison---I was on YELLOW!

Paul is singing, "Who Let the Loose Dogs Out?".

Today's president is Benjamin Harrison.  Daddy says he was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the guy who died in a month.

We all had to move our clothespins.  I was on yellow and "Betsy" and one of my friends was on red.  I was on yellow because we were talking too much when Mrs. Booth was in the room helping Mrs. Alvarez.  Everyone got on yellow.  No one was on green.

I was the one that wasn't talking a lot but Mrs. Alvarez thought I was, but I had to go move my clothespin and I thought okay.  I was the only one not talking, but I was talking loud.  We missed minutes of recess.  We sat quietly in the shade by the school outside during recess.  Mrs. Alvarez wasn't mad, but she was upset that we had to move our clothespin.

On Monday, I'll try to be good so I can stay on green.

I knew I was being too loud.  I didn't talk as much as all the other kids, but I was talking a little bit and I did it too loud.  I moved my clothespin.  I'm going to try to be good.  I was talking to myself.  Lola wasn't there.  I was talking to Bailey, but not much.

We went outside.  I tried to fix it by trying to listen the rest of the day.  I was listening until that point.

It felt like I don't know.  It just appears to be that way.  I wasn't sad because Mrs. Alvarez said if you move your clothespin or I tell you something to do, don't get upset; I don't want to see one tear come from your eye.  She said you're not supposed to have a tear so I didn't cry.

Hopscotch, Daring Daffy Doutchy Dot.  That's my joke.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 22 Grover Cleveland

In my lunchbox today, Mama put a picture of Grover Cleveland and Grover from Sesame Street.  That was silly.

Today was picture day.  I wore a bow, but it was a big problem and kept falling out.  Pictures were in the auditorium.  I got to go on stage.

At recess my shoe fell off and a friend in Mrs. Terry's class had to help me and I had stickers on my sock.  I had all sorts of problems because I was running and even Ivan had to put the bow back in my hair.  Ivan didn't do it as good.  We were running in the grass and my shoe fell off.  When I sat down there were stickers and a girl in Mrs. Terry's class had to help me put my shoe on and get the ouchies off my foot.  I was like, "Thank you!"

Did you notice we didn't do math today?

Can it be joke time?

I love polar bears.  I was supposed to say brown bear.  That's my joke.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 21 Chester Arthur

Did you know we were learning how to be a big kid today?  Usually we get our library books off the table, but today we learned how to get books off the Booky Looky Cart.  We also had some things that were like measuring sticks but they don't measure and they are called shelf markers.  Today was my first day to look at books on the shelf.

Did you know some kids don't know how to say English?  One kid goes to a speech teacher to learn how to say words in English.

We don't know much about Chester Arthur.

Did you know if Mrs. Barton the PreK teacher sees the book order you will get some change? 

Nothing was funny today.  What was fun was going on the playground and going to PE.  That's it.

I did stations.  There wasn't a station stick.  I went to the listening center and heard a Diego story about Baby Jaguar jumping.

Alanii was still pinching my hiney a little bit in the hallway.  She almost came in the same little bathroom in with me that has the door that you lock.  She didn't come in, she was just acting up in the potty and playing with the sink and stuff.  You know how that is.

It was during specials when we were walking with Ms. Reed.  If she's behind me, when my hands are locked behind my back and they are on my hiney and then she copied me and pinched my hiney.  We were in the hall so I just looked behind me and whispered no.  She stopped.  I didn't know she could hear me but my lips were moving and she could tell what I was saying. 

Here's a joke:  Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

No blog today

I'm not feeling like writing a blog today because it's Baby Doll's birthday and Paul and I are busy planning the party.

We can do it tomorrow.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 19 Rutherford B. Hayes needs to Behave

Today was the 19th day of school.  The president of the day is Rutherford B. Hayes.  I think he should learn how to behave.

We started stations.  That's what the Johnny Appleseed paper was from.  I went to Station 4 and Station on the floor because we were going in rounds.  The hot pink group went to the hot pink table.  I made a monster.  I love the monster so much.  This says M-m Monster.  Right?

Marbles, monkey, moon, match, mop, mixer, milk, and mushroom.  Those start with M.

We went to PE.  Do you know how it rotates?  We go PE, PE, PE, Music, Music, Music, Art, Art, Art.  It keeps rotating like I said it.

We played bowling balls.  I always win.  I do the best, but I do good but nobody wins because they cry because they didn't win.  Fatima in Mr. Gooch's class cried, so Mrs. Hyde went and got her big sister from recess.  She had to be at PE instead of at recess.  I'm like, "That's sad.  She needs to be outside having fun."

We always do math.  We learned the words above and below.  We had little tiles that we put on the paper.  The blue tiles were above and the red tiles were below.

I sat with Elaine at lunch and it kind of rotated. The air conditioner wasn't as cold. 

Joke time:  Johnny Appleseed wore a house on his head instead of a pot.  Isn't that a joke? 

Friday, September 16, 2011

I'm going to marry Paul or Ivan

Yesterday I told my mom about this, but we had already finished my blog, so here's something extra for yesterday's post.  I am going to marry Paul (my brother) or Ivan. 

Mama:  Is Ivan a nice boy?
Claire:  Yesssssss.
Mama:  Is he always on green?
Claire:  Umm, yes.  At P.E. he always hands me the ball instead of dropping it on the floor.  I want to marry Ivan because he's nice.  That's all.  Are you really writing on my blog?
Mama:  Yes, we must document this!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Day 18 Ulysses S. Grant

Today I skinned my knee on the playground and I got a bandaid from Mrs. Alvarez.  She calls it a "Mrs. Alvarez kiss" bandaid.  It made me feel better.

Mama:  What did you do that was fun today?
Claire:  Play recess.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  I learned about how you cooperate in a community like buying food for others when they are sick.
Mama:  What did you do in art today?
Claire:  Worked on our other papers.  We drew some stuff on our paper.  We practiced stations.  We did 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.  Eight will be Starfall and nine will be Tumblebooks.
Alani had to sit on a poly spot and Dylan had to sit on one.  No hiney pinching.  She just couldn't behave.  Joke time!
Uno baby tack.
Mama:  Uno baby tack?
Claire:  Yes, that's it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 17 Andrew Johnson

I am very excited today because I got a Scholastic Book order form and I want to order a lot of books.  In fact, right now Mama is trying to talk to me but I am just listing off the 1,000 books I want to buy.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.  Smurf books!  I went to recess and that's always going to be the funnest part.
Mama:  Did you have any more problems with that girl today?
Claire:  When she was in Mrs. Terry's room she was pulling on my hand sanitizer to tell me not to go.  Mrs. Alvarez now has little circles that you sit alone on and she throws them and you sit on different places in the room.  She had a red one.  I forgot the name.  That's for kids that don't listen.  Loni sat on one.  That is what she likes me calling her.  They have space books.  See?
Mama:  What did you do in math today?
Claire:  Shape math.  Go verbs are the only words.
Mama:  What's a verb?
Claire:  It's something that I'm learning.
Mama:  Is it an action word?
Claire:  It's the best word and an action word.  If you were in Mrs. Alvarez's class you would know what it is.  The Kissing Hand.  Can we order that?  Splat the Cat!
Mama:  What stories did you hear today?
Claire:  No stories.
Mama:  What songs did you sing?
Claire:  There are seven days...Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday January February March April May June July August September October November December. That's the song you taught me!  Is it joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  A chicken ate your glasses!  Alani touched your eye.  Paul touched your eye.  That's it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 16 A Pretend Lincoln and new artwork

Today was my 16th day of school.  The president of the day was Abraham Lincoln, but it's only in the last year I've been able to pronounce his name.  Daddy taught me about him a long time ago when he started giving me pennies, but I used to call him "A Pretend Lincoln."  Now I know better.

It was too hot to go outside, so we went to recess before lunch. 

Mama:  Was anything funny today?
Claire:  Me and Alani in the bathroom giggle a lot because Alani is so funny I can't take it and I have to keep giggling.  When nothing is funny I can stop, but Alani is funny and I can't stop giggling.  Mrs. Alvarez keeps saying stop giggling but I can't stop giggling when I'm with her.
Mama: Did anything bother you today?
Claire:  No, except Alani in line to art, she was pinching my hiney.  The art teacher was with us.  I told her to stop but I decided not to do it because the rule is no talking in the hall.  I promise I'll try to remember to tell Mrs. Alvarez tomorrow.  She did that a couple of days ago too.  She kept pinching my hiney.
Mama:  She is not allowed to do that.  You need to tell the teacher.
Claire:  When I'm behind her, she always puts her hands back and they are long enough to get back to my hiney.  I keep telling her to stop.  The rule is to take care of yourself, not other children.
Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Everything.  In art we drew dinosaurs.  What you do is put four fingers on a paper and trace your four fingers and then you do it again to make eight legs and then you turn it over and make a loop and you do a v for a mouth and it's sideways and put an eye by the v and then you put triangles on the top and then you put a loop at the back of it for the tail. 
Dear Jesus who loves us, help us we Jesus to be your good Jesue and live the right Jesus.  That's funny.  Now come here so I can show you how to draw a dinosaur.
This is a picture of Sept. 11.  The foolish man that told the guys to fly the planes is on the left.  Then there's a spaceship and a plane that flew into the building.  Then there's an American flag.  Do you think this will cheer everyone up?

This is a dinosaur.  Doesn't that really look like one?

Monday, September 12, 2011

I lost a tooth!

Yesterday we went to Central Market and Mama and Daddy bought me an apple. I told Mama that my tooth felt funny and then she noticed it was bleeding. Daddy put his finger in my mouth and it fell right out. In this first picture, I didn't even know the tooth had come out yet.

I was so excited! Now I have a hole in my mouth. Mama said that my teacher might not recognize me today because I look so different, but I think she was just being silly. The tooth fairy brought me $3, but she also took my tooth, which I didn't understand because Lola says that the tooth fairy left her tooth there.

Today was my 15th day of school. Today's president was James Buchanan. Daddy says that he was the only president that never got married.

Knock know, who's there? That's called a knock knock joke. Don't write that.

Mama: How was your day today?
Claire: Good. We went to recess before the library. We played on the regular playground.
Mama: Did the librarian tell you anything today?
Claire: Yeah, she got the sock card that I made her. She told me that Paul killed a bug for her. She didn't say that you helped her because I already knew you did.
Mama: What Mrs. Alvarez read today?
Claire: Mrs. Bindergarten Takes Kindergarten on a Field Trip. She said we would go on a couple field trips today but we didn't go anywhere.
Mama: Maybe she meant this year you will go on field trips. Did anything make you laugh today?
Claire: I already said that. We went to recess before the library.
Mama: Did anything make you mad today?
Claire: No. You shouldn't say that because usually nothing bad happens to me.
Mama: What did you do in math?
Claire: This time we were going to do something different. Mrs. Glazener taught a lesson and we did it again and I played on the computer then and I wore earmuffs only you could hear in them.
Joke time: This girl looks like Dr. Phillips. That's it.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 14-Mrs. A's scooter got stuck

Did you know on the first day of recess Mrs. Alvarez's scooter got stuck in the dirt and boys had to push her out and it worked?

Did you know Mrs. Alvarez moved us today so we could learn the best best best?

Lola likes saving her lunch and I tell her, "Lola, you are going to be super hungry."  She saves her grapes and her sandwich, but all she eats is a banana.  That won't fill her up, but Lola is Lola.  That's her choice.

There will always be recess.  We still played at the ninja park and the monkey bars.  If we go to the net thing, the Bill 100, we will get in trouble.  That thing that has orange poles that you climb up on the rope?  It's metal poles that look like rope. 

We went to P.E.  In P.E. we played Ghostbusters.  We had green ghosts and the people climbed under the people that got frozen that got rings.  Zachary went there.  He has a little bandaid thing around his hand.

I had lunch.  Every time I sit with Lola and I'm like Lola, I'm getting tired of sitting next to you and I thought about it and she's my best friend and so she can sit next to me.

We didn't do math today.  We had too much time cutting out and glue on our science journal.  It was for our science journal to put on front of it.  Mrs. Alvarez put Sid the Science kid on her journal.  We didn't write in our spirals or our science journal.  Most of the stuff we usually do we didn't do today.

I went to the library.  I got a new book.  I didn't really want the Superman one.  I wanted a doggie book and that's the only doggie one they have.

Plus, yesterday we went to the library and the teacher said if everyone brings back their book they get a sticker.  We had two people that didn't bring their books back so we didn't get anything.

At the playground Alani was giggling so much and Mrs. Alvarez said to stop, but Alani is so funny that I can't stop laughing.  We couldn't stop laughing because everything she does is so funny.  We were playing with Alani and making her go to jail pretend. 

Here's my joke:  A cheeto could eat a penguin's beak.  Googoohead.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Day 13 Millard Fillmore better

Today was the 13th day of school.  Millard Fillmore was the 13th president, and we remember that by remembering that Zachary Taylor was sick, so Millard Fillmore better.

Claire: I love you so much, Mama.  I love you more than Mrs. Alvarez.
Mama:  I'm so glad.  What happened that was fun today?
Claire:  I have no idea.  The question is out of my head now.  I liked going to art.  We drew a picture of our family at the zoo.  The animals that I drew on my table was elephant, giraffe, and bear.  I also colored a duck, which wasn't on my table, and a flamingo.  That's it.  I drawed and alligator.  That's all I can remember.  Why don't I get to take home my art?  I don't know why.
Paul:  Excuse me, excuse me.
Mama:  How was Lola today?
Claire:  She was good.  She said if I did what she did on recess I could play with her every single day, but if I don't do it, then I couldn't play with her.  I decided to do what she did because I love her.  Leanna was absent.  She's moving to a new school.
Mama:  Was Lola doing something fun?
Claire:  Yes.  We're going to have a cookie thing and the quietest person tomorrow will earn a cookie.  I hope I earn a cookie.
Mama:  You know you don't have to do what Lola does if you don't want to.
Claire:  I know, but I wanted to still be her friend, so I did what she did.  It wasn't something bad.  It was going down the pole at the jungle gym.  I sitted down and put one hand here and one hand here and twisted my feet around the blue pole of the jungle gym and I twisted down and when I got to the bottom of the ground I let go of the pole.  I kind of hit my chin, but it didn't hurt.
Mama:  You don't have to do what Lola wants.  You do what Claire wants.
Claire:  I heard in a cooperating movie you listen to others and do what others want to do and that's cooperation.  It was possible that she wouldn't be my friend if I didn't do what she wanted to do.  It ended up being fun so I did it.  I was cooperating.
Mama:  What else happened today?
Claire:  We did math and Mrs. Glazener wasn't there again.  That's weird of Mrs. Glazener.  We did shape math still.  We always do shape math.  Don't worry about math because we'll always be doing shape math.
Mama:  What did you read today?
Claire:  Nothing.  Mrs. Alvarez read My Teddy to us.  It was about a big teddy bear that had another little boy's teddy bear and the little boy hided behind the big bear and the big bear stomped.  The boy dropped his bear and the big bear said, "Little Boy!"  and the little bear said, "Help!" in the dark woods.
Mama:  What bothered you today?
Claire:  I sat down on the rug and Dameon disturbed me.  In the line, Alani kept bumping me with  her hiney.  Is it joke time?
Mama:  Yes.
Claire:  Socks get flushed and Sugar Dot's throat.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zachary Taylor Pooped himself to death

A little known fact is that Zachary Taylor, the 12th president, died of gastroentritis, which my daddy says is the same thing as saying he pooped himself to death.  Paul and I love to talk about Zachary Taylor.

Yesterday and today Mr. Smith has not been loud.  I was thinking he had been calm and he's hyper when he yells.  Yelling is hyper.  We were calm.  We were quieter than the fifth graders and Mr. Smith was outside and he could barely hear us.  We clapped.

We went to recess two times.  I went first and then a couple hours later we went to PE and we didn't do anything.  Another teacher, not Mrs. Hyde was there and we didn't do anything, we just had recess.

We learned about jobs today.  All jobs.  I learned about jobs about business of jobs like the tooth hospital, the hospital, and that's all I can remember.

Mama:  Did anything happen funny today?
Claire:  No.  The funniest thing was go to recess two times.  I already said that.
Mama:  Did you hear any new books?
Claire:  Yes.  Library Manners.  It was non-fiction. 
Mama:  Who did you sit next to at lunch?
Claire:  Lola sat next to me, but I got kind of tired of her sitting next to me every day and she keeps following me so I told her, "Lola, I'm getting kind of tired of you sitting next to me every day back to back to back to back."  I didn't say that.  I didn't say anything, just decided that she loves me and I love her and I'll stop having that business in my head.
Mama:  What did you in math?
Claire:  Mrs. Glazener wasn't there.  That's kind of funny.  I did shape math.
Mama:  Did you like your lunch?
Claire:  Yes.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Lola lalalalalalala Penguin.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#11 James K. Polk-You

Guess what?  I got to have recess today!  And Joey and another boy had their clothespin on the floor.  No throwing woodchips and when you hear the whistle it's time to go inside.  If your pin is on the floor you get no recess.  Camorrion and Jobey were throwing woodchips and it got in their hair.  Camorrion didn't have to have his clothespin on the floor, so that was good, but Jobey and another boy had to have his clothespin on the floor and that's not good.  But tomorrow they get to have their clothespin back on green.  Write that.

At recess we only played on the Ninja park (That's what she calls one of the playgrounds) and the monkey bars across from the monkey bars.  I played with Amy who is in Mr. Gooch's class. 

Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to recess because we had never had it before.
Mama:  Did you read any new books today?
Claire:  We read Octopotamus Lost.  It's about a platypotamus that got lost but the girl kept finding her.
Mama:  What did you do in Math?
Claire:  The math teacher is Mrs. Glazener.  She doesn't teach us, she just helps up if Mrs. Alvarez does it wrong.  She mostly just helps Diego.  We did shape math, and I already know the shapes.  Actually, how to sort math is what we did. 
Mama:  Did you write anything today?
Claire:  No.  We didn't write in our journals today because Mrs. Alvarez forgot.  She told us. 
Mama:  What did you do in art?
Claire:  Just draw a picture of ourself at the park with our family and on the back, draw our pets.  If you don't have them, you could wish a pet.  Mrs. Reid had frogs, two cats, and that's it.  I was going to say, "My mom holded frogs when she was a baby, but then I said, no potty talk."
You know what?  Damien said when he was in a different state, and she was like "Waa!  I don't want to hear what you did in whatever state that was."
Mama:  What else did Mrs. Alvarez talk about?
Claire:  I forgot. 
Mama:  What did you talk about at lunch today?
Claire:  I forgot.  I sat by Lola and Lucy has not been there for the first day.  She has been there the two first days but the eleventh day she has not been here.  I loved her and I wanted her to be there, but she disappeared. 
Mama:  How's your tooth?
Claire:  Soo, super loose.  It will go this far out.  I think it's about to fall out.  I wanted it to fall out, but you have to be patient.  That's what you say.
Mama:  Was there anything hard for you today?
Claire:  No.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Did James K. Polk write me a note today?  The 11th president?  That's it. That was a joke.  You really did that, Mama.

Friday, September 2, 2011

I found something in my mouth.......

So I was sitting in the bathroom today and I felt something in my mouth.  I thought, "Hmmmm. This feels like it might be a loose tooth."  And guess what?  It was!  It's going to fall out any second.

Today was day 10 of school; John Tyler.  We like to say that he's friends with Uncle Gilbert, because Uncle Gilbert lives close to Tyler.

I don't want Mama to give me yogurt or that twist applesauce again because it took me the whole lunch time to get them open.

Did you know I had a loose tooth at school and when it was lunchtime I was afraid I was going to swallow it but I didn't?  When I ate my sandwich I was afraid I was going to swallow my tooth.

Mama:  What did you do that was fun today?
Claire:  We went to the library to get a new book.  Every day I can get a new book.  I did not go to music today; I went to PE apparently.  That was weird to me.  A lot of classes were at PE.  Mrs. Price was there, the music teacher. 

Paul:  When I was in kindergarten, I had a teacher named Mrs. Pencil and I had a loose tooth but it was really a rock in my mouth.

Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to the library and going to the program about froggies.  (something about her new fundraiser.)

Mama:  What did you talk with your friends about today?
Claire:  About how will I not go to school on Monday.  I thought only when you were six or seven you would lose teeth.  I didn't know I would lose them when I was five!  Hold on.  I have to give Sugar Dot a round of applause because he went potty.  Joke time!

Lizards are lizards that can eat your hand.  Lizards can eat your hand.  That's it.  Is it funny?

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is day 9 of school, which means William Henry Harrison day.  Mama looked up some better questions on the internet for me, because she says that it's hard to get information from me.
Mama:  What did you do that was fun today?
Claire:  Go to the library.  I just checked out a book, that's all I could do.  Other kids were playing with the computers, but I wasn't allowed to.  Do you know why?  I just saw big kids playing on it, so I think it was only for big kids.
Mama:  Did anything funny happen today?
Claire:  It was Bailey's birthday and it was also Dameon's and he has a lot of years and he was inviting me, too.  It was Bailey's birthday today and in a couple of months it will be Dameon's.  I like Bailey because she will let me come to her birthday.  I said Bailey, I hope my brother can come and she said, "yeah, he can come."  I said thank you because if it was just a girl party Paul will be upset.
Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to the library.  If you were me, wouldn't that be your best part?
Mama:  What assignments did you do today?
Claire:  We did some work with our papers, I guess. 
Mama:  What did Mrs. A. talk about today?
Claire:  We did Math and Mrs. Glazener is the math teacher.  She's the math teacher.  She just comes in and makes sure kids are doing the right thing for math.
Mama:  Were you doing the right thing?
Claire:  Mmmhmm.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Bailey because she's the birthday girl.  Every time it was her turn I would say, "Birthday Girl!"  Mrs. A said, "Why do you keep saying that?"  I said, "Because I'm telling her happy birthday!"
Mama:  Did anyone get on your nerves today?
Claire:  No, but somebody bothered Lola.  She was at her spot and she had to move.
Mama:  What color were you on?
Claire:  Green.  I have some people on yellow but it wasn't me.  Some people were on red and one person was on red I thought, and then I'm like "Oh, you have to move your clothespin to the floor."  I didn't say that but I thought it.  If you are on green you get to do everything fun.  If you're on the floor, you miss everything fun we are doing.
Mama:  Was there anything hard to do today?
Claire:  It was hard to cooperate with others.  We had to think about how you co-op-er-ate on a little movie and we had to talk about cooperation.  That's about it.  Can it be joke time?
Mama:  Yes.
Claire:  Sugar Dot ate whatever he could find for Mrs. Alvarez.  Sugar Dot made Mrs. Alvarez a cookie.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Martin Van Buren

Today was the eighth day of school, Martin Van Buren day. 
Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  We read "We are So Proud."  They had a float for July 4th.  That's it.  We went to P.E. We played cars with our hula hoops.  This is your pretend hula hoop and you hold your hands across your hula hoop and you twist it like a car.  We did Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  I hear the knock, knock knock.  I open the door and take a big spin, and head and shoulders, knees, and toes.  Some of it is slap your feet on the ground with your heels and that's all I can remember.
Mama:  What else did you do?
Claire:  Played on and walked the alphabet.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Lola and Bailey and Leanna.  Do you know how to spell her name?  And Nitcia.  I think all my friends were my friends today. 
Mama:  Did you do math?
Claire:  No.  We did the problem of the day.  It's where there's a problem on a paper.  We played Legos and Snap Cubes and we saw Ms. Denmark in the hall.  We were in the hall and we couldn't talk to her.
Mama:  Did you do reading?
Claire:  No. 
Mama:  Did you do science? 
Claire:  No.
Mama:  What was your morning message?
Claire:  It's the same one every day.  A little bit different, but almost the same.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  About ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP.  That's it.
Mama:  Did you make anything?
Claire:  No.  It's too hot to play outside.  We did the predge of allegiance.  It says Boys and Girls and Moms and Dads that are in the room come stand for the predge of allegiance.  I showed everyone my tattoos on my legs, and my tummy and my back. 
Mama:  What did Mrs. Alvarez say about your tattoos?
Claire:  Nothing.  Mrs. High said, "Did the tattoo maker get you?"  I said, no, my brother got me.  Mrs. Alvarez asked if I had silly bandaids on me.  Is it joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Lion named Lion could eat your glasses.  Hahaha.  That's it.  I have one more joke!  Lizards are lizards that eat a big chicken.  Chickens are chickens to eat a big dinosaur.  Dinosaurs are dinosaurs to eat a big penguin.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally, I like school!

This morning I told Mama that I couldn't wait to go to school because I love it so much.  She was waiting for that and was excited to hear it.

Today my president was Andrew Jackson.  The way I remember it is that Mama says, "He's your friend and mine" and that helps me remember because Meredith's brother is named Andrew, too.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.  To me, when I say good, it can mean that some bad things and some good things could happen.  I don't want you to write the bad part, but today there were good parts.
Mama:  Were there any bad parts today?
Claire:  No.  Except for the part where kids said to not wear tattoos and I said that the teacher can tell me if I'm not supposed to wear them.  She didn't, so I know it's okay.
Mama:  What did you do today?
Claire:  Sing the months of the year, go to music class, get a stamp at was a music stamp.  We sang the months of the year.  Januaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrry, Februarrrrrrrrrrrrrry, March and April........
Mama:  That's a good song.  Did you sing anything else?
Claire:  The days of the week.  At music, we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and That's What's New With Me, 1,2, and 3.  That's a song about how you like your new teacher, your new sneakers, your new buddy, your new picture, your new book.  Did you know in a couple of weeks we'll get our picture taken at the school?
Mama:  Did you hear any stories today?
Claire:  We heard the Kissing Pocket.  It's next after the Kissing Hand.  In part of that book, the big brother got a kissing hand the little brother got a kissing hand and the big brother said, don't give the little brother my kissing hand!  That's about it.
Mama:  Did you do any math today?
Claire:  No, we did it yesterday, though.  Can I try some Coke like Paul did at Ann-Marie's house? 
Mama:  No.  Did you do any science?
Claire:  No.
Mama:  Did you do any reading?
Claire:  No, I didn't.  We did a paper fill in the words that were lost.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Leanna, Nitcia (She speaks Spanish!), That's about it.  Lola wasn't there, but she was at lunch.  The rest of the other people were.  Is it joke time because that's about all I can remember.
Mama:  Okay.  Give me a joke.
Claire:  Daddy ate Paul when he was a baby.  That's it.
Mama:  Were you on Green today?
Claire:  Yes.  Leanna was on yellow.  Natalie Patterson was, and Diego was, and they missed five minutes of whatever fun thing we did.  That's it now, Mama.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 John Quincy Adams

Today's president was John Quincy Adams.  Lola was back at school and at lunch we discussed why she was absent.  She said that she had been sick for three days.
One girl had an accident.  It was number 2.  She was playing with the snap cubes and she forgot to tell Mrs. Alvarez she had to go potty.
Okay, here's the rest of my story of the day.

Mama:  Were you on green today?
Claire:  Yes, always.
Mama:  How was your day?
Claire:  It was my sixth day of school.  How about that?  I want some more chocolate milk.  Did you write that?  Don't do that!  Back it up!
Mama:  I write what you say.  I'll get you some milk in a second when we're done.  Yes, I wrote that, too.  What did you do today?
Claire:  The days of the week.  In PE we played hula hoops.  I didn't get it right but Amy got through the whole song.  I went up to her and said, "Amy!" and she said, "How did you know my name?"  And I told her that my mommy taught me how to read and I read her nametag.
Mama:  What else did you do today?
Claire:  Sing the months of the year.  We did our morning message.  It was how we get to school.
Mama:  What did you do after that?
Claire:  We looked on the Promethian board.
Mama:  What was on there?
Claire:  Little videos about how school children get to school.
Mama:  Please put down the kazoo.  I can't understand what you are saying.
Claire:  Worked on starfall.  We did that for a long time.
Mama:  What did you do on
Claire:  We did L and K.
Mama:  Then what happened?
Claire:  We went to lunch.
Mama:  Did you like your lunch today?
Claire:  Yes.  Then we did math.  Then we did that book Quilly the Porcupine.  (She's singing Batman through her kazoo.)  That's about all I can remember.  Joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Cinderella might eat the ducky on my shirt.  "Pause for a moment of silence," says the ducky.  The ducky says, "It's time for pledge of allegiance!"  Ducky says, "The United States of America has California." That's it.  No more joke time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

James Monroe Day 5

Hello!  I just got home from my fifth day of kindergarten, and I am whiny because I am so hot!  Mama brought Sugar Dot to come pick me up, which was exciting.  Something I keep forgetting to say is the first day of school my teacher read The Kissing Hand and ever since then, Mama has used a no-no marker (sharpie) and written a red heart on the palm of each of my hands before school.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  What did you do?
Claire:  Color, do stations, listened to Is Your Mama a Llama? Hey, that's some fancy writing!  Days of the week, months of the year.  There are seven days in a week.  PE.  We played scooters so a person sat down on the square part of the scooter and the other person pulled them like a wagon, only no sides to keep you safe. 
Mama:  Did you fall off your scooter?
Claire: No because we hung onto the side.  She still holded my hand when I stood up on it so people could say never never stand on it.  I had lunch.  We walked the alphabet.  She had letters and a picture and we sounded out the letters and said what animal it was.  That's about it.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Leahanna, not Lola because she had been absent. 
Mama:  How was lunch?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  Tell me about Mrs. Alvarez's scooter.
Claire:  It has the tortoise and the hare on it.  Not the video, a button. 
Mama:  What do you think that means?
Claire:  I don't know.  Do you?
Mama:  Maybe it means to go fast or slow.  Tell your readers why she's using a scooter.
Claire:  Because she has a hurt leg.  She went on a trip and she hurt her foot.
Mama:  What do you like about Mrs. Alvarez?
Claire:  She lets us play snap cubes and Legos.  She has a Promethian board to show us stuff.
Mama:  What's that?
Claire:  It's like an easel, I guess.  It shows us stuff.  Like the Tortoise and the Hare.  It's a video about if it's fiction or non-fiction.
Mama:  Okay, joke time.
Claire:  Mama, if your Mama is a llama, he might turn into Super Why.  That's all.  Now can we watch Super Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  Don't write that!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day Four: James Madison

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Fine.
Mama:  What did you do at school?
Claire:  I did what I usually do.  Coloring, listening to books, go to music, PE, lunch.
Mama:  What was your favorite part of today?
Claire:  Singing the months of the year.  There are seven days, there are seven days in a week.  Count them!  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Mama:  Thanks.  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Joby, Lola, not Lucy, she wasn't there.  She skipped two days off.
Mama:  What stories did you hear today? 
Claire:  The Three Little Bears and Goldilocks, Hear Leaf Trouble.  I want to hold you!
Mama:  I can't hold you just yet.  Let's finish this. How did lunch go today?
Claire:  Good. 
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  We learned about bears.  What they look like and how they act.  We made crafts.  Bears don't really make crafts, but we made crafts.
Mama:  Anything else happen important today?
Claire:  I'm going to tell you all the good parts.  Music, three boys had to go to the restroom.  One went to the restroom and Joby took him and then another boy took him and then Joby and the other boy were running in the halls.  You're not supposed to do that.  We heard them stomping.  And they had a stoplight.  We were on green, that means good.  We turned to yellow that means not actually as good and if you get on red that means not good.  Those mean you did the wrong things.  They had to go to the potty in the middle of music and at coloring time one boy had to move to yellow and another boy had to move up to red on the stoplight!
Mama:  What color were you on?
Claire:  Green.  I try to never be on yellow or red.  Oh no!  Paul ran over Wesley's foot!
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  One second.  Paul said he did that on purpose.  Don't write that.  It's not a joke.  Here's my joke:  James Madison eats a rat.  The rat tasted like a hot dog. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thomas Jefferson Day Three

Every day in my lunch, Mama includes a note.  The note has a picture in it of the president that matches what day of school I'm on.  I just got home from day three, Thomas Jefferson Day.
You want to hear something super exciting?  There's a girl in my class named Lola and she had a loose tooth and when we were in centers, her tooth fell out on the floor!  She's a good seer, though, and she found it.  She went to the nurse and they said they were going to give her a tiny treasure box to put it in but they forgot to order them so they had to give her a bag.

Here's my Q and A for the day:
Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Long.
Mama:  Did you have fun?
Claire:  Yes.  We sang a song, "The first thing on your paper is your name, the first thing on your paper is your name, clap clap.  The first thing on your paer is your name, clap clap.  The teacher needs to know who did the work and show, the first thing on your paper is your name."
Mama:  Did you have music or PE today?
Claire:  PE.  We sang the "Wheels on the Bus" and played ball, and got water and that's it.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  We learned about A, B, and C.  Those are the letters.  We sang the months of the year and the days of the week.  We sang more songs.  We should have sang the ABCs, but we didn't.  She played to show us what to do, but I already knew.  Can I play Starfall?  Did you write that?
Mama:  I'm writing what your saying.  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Chickens are chickens.  Chickens tell silly jokes like lizards eat heads.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten, Day 2

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!  Today was day two of kindergarten at Mrs. Alvarez's class at Bruce Shulkey Elementary.  I had two concerns this morning:  1.  The school day is too long.  It makes me not want to go because it's so long.  2.  I couldn't use soap at school, just hand sanitizer.  This was upsetting because Mama teaches me about germs and the importance of washing my hands.  Mama talked to Mrs. Alvarez, though, and today I was allowed to wash my hands with soap and water.

Here's my Q and A for the day.

Mama:  How was your second day of school?
Claire:  Good.  I didn't cry.
Mama:  Who are your friends today?
Claire:  The same.
Mama:  What was your favorite part of the day today?
Claire:  Getting my milk.  I liked it but I spilled it.
Mama:  Do you want to buy milk again tomorrow?
Claire:  Yes.  Actually I don't want to because I made a mess.  But I would the next day, okay?  I'll be bigger the next day and I might be big enough not to spill it.
Mama:  What was your least favorite part?
Claire:  When we played with snap cubes and legos and I was the only one who cleaned them up.
Mama:  Tell me something you learned today.
Claire:  I learned how to read a "Claire I Am" book.
Mama:  Anything else?
Claire:  I'm thinking about it.  That's about it.
Mama:  What did you do in PE today?
Claire:  I went to music.  I didn't go to PE.  I sang two songs, I forgot the names.
Mama:  What else did you do today?
Claire:  Maybe just sit and talk to my friends.
Mama:  Did you do any counting?
Claire:  No.  I don't think I will.
Mama:  Did you write your morning message?
Claire:  Yes, we wrote about Bears.  We wrote that bears go to the potty.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Chickens are chickens but they could eat one of your tooth loose. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Claire's First Day of Kindergarten

I just got home from my first day at Kindergarten.  My teacher is Mrs. Alvarez, and I was surprised to see her on crutches.  Mommy and Daddy didn't cry like I thought they would, but Mama had to leave earlier than I wanted her to and I was screaming and crying in my seat for about five minutes.  I thought they had really left the building, but really Mama and Daddy and Paul were waiting in the hallway and sending spies to check on me.

Here's my Q and A for the day:
Mama:  How was your first day?
Claire:  Sad but then I was happy.
Mama:  What were you sad about?
Claire:  That y'all left.
Mama:  What were you happy about?
Claire:  That the girl that said a baby is so cute and another girl was having fun and then I started having fun.
Mama:  What was your favorite part?
Claire:  Singing the months of the year to a new song, not like the one Mama taught me.
Mama:  Who are some of your new friends?
Claire:  There was a girl named Lucy, a girl called by a different name, but I called her Leah..
Paul:  Did you push her down?
Claire:  No!
Mama:  What did you learn about today?
Claire:  B and A. 
Mama:  What else?
Claire:  I liked that card you sent me.
Mama:  Was there anything you didn't like?
Claire:  No, except crying.
Mama:  Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Claire:  Yes.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Mantanna has eyes that stick up like ants.  Haha!  Chickens are chickens but they might eat your pinkie bone.

I want to say, Love, Claire

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kindergarten Eve

Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten.  On Friday, we found out that I will be in Mrs. Alvarez's class.  Mama said I'm in the smart class.  I'm glad and just a little bit excited now.
Here's the Q and A from today.
Mama:  What are you excited about?
Claire:  My teacher's name.  Mrs. Alvarez.
Mama:  What are you worried about?
Claire:  When Mommy comes, Daddy can't come. 
Mama:  Anything else?
Claire:  I'm excited about using my new pencils.
Mama:  What do you know about your teacher?
Claire:  She'll watch me.  She is nice. 
Mama:  What are you going to wear tomorrow?
Claire:  My navy blue dress with a skirt hooked to it and a headband from the Carltons.
Mama:  Did anything special happen today?
Claire:  We learned about Jesus and Daddy didn't go to work.
Mama:  What was different about church today?
Claire:  I got promoted to the five year old class.  That's it.
Mama:  At worship service did we do anything different?
Claire:  Just bringing our backpacks.  We put our crafts in it and at Children's Time, we got a heart sticker to put on our supply, and a nametag for when you feeling sad you can go to your locker and look at your nametag from church.  That is it.  Can I play PBS Kids?
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  A chicken, a chicken, a diddle dicken.  Oh, and eat a chicken a day to keep the doctor away.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three days until School!

Hey, it's me again.  I've got three days left of freedom before Kindergarten starts.  Mama interviewed me again.  This is what we said:
Claire:  How come I'm not writing this?
Mama:  You're not fast enough yet.
Claire:  Why do you have to be fast?
Mama:  So we can say more words.  What do you want people to know about you?
Claire:  That I have a little toy big moose. 
Mama:  So if someone is reading your blog, and they've never met you in person, what do you want to say to them?
Claire:  That I will be their friend.
Mama:  Tell me about your pets.  Pretend I don't know.
Claire:  A chihuaha, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a ladybug.  Capt. Midnight Sugar Dot Express Boyette, and Wesley Eugene Boyette, and Lydia the Literary Ladybug.
Mama:  What do you like to do for fun?
Claire:  Jump on the trampoline, play with friends
Mama:  Where do you like to go?
Claire:  To the zoo, to the museum, to a place to buy me new shoes.  That's about it.
Mama:  What about church?
Claire:  You can make friends at Sunday School.  We make crafts.  I'm hungry.
Mama:  Almost done.  Tell me a different joke.
Claire:  Turtles can eat dogs.
Mama:  Good one.  Anything else you want to say today?
Claire:  No.  Another joke.  Mommy and Daddy found me in a tree.
Mama:  That's silly.
Paul:  I can't find He-Man!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello!  My name is Claire Boyette.  I'm five years old and in four days I will be starting Kindergarten.  This morning I had a Q and A with my mom.  Here's what we said.
Mama:  What are you excited about school?
Claire:  That I can walk there.  Singing songs.  I might see puppet shows.
Mama:  What are  you not looking forward to?
Claire:  That Daddy can't stay on my first day.
Mama:  What do you think is important for you to know before you start school?
Claire:  To enjoy being a kid.
Mama:  Tell me about what we've taught you.
Claire:  You taught me to count.  Daddy takes me to coin shows so I can learn about coins.  I learned to keep money.  I learned about evolution.  You taught me when I was a baby to do puzzles.
Mama:  What do you think will be hard about going to school?
Claire:  To follow the rules.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  School cannot be fun but it really is.  Want another?  If you play with friends, you might see lizards.
Mama:  What's the most exciting thing about going to school?
Claire:  I don't know because I'm not excited.  I love singing songs.
Mama:  When people read about you, what do you want them to know?
Claire:  That Mommy and Daddy might think I'm the smartest kid in my class.