Tuesday, December 1, 2015

December 1 Reflections

Today is Tuesday, December 1st. Today is also my friend Elaine's birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELAINE! Since today is her birthdaay, Elaine's mom brought up cookies and treat bags for the class! 
Before we get to all the exciting adventure suff I want to tell you what's new about the blog. 
Instead of mommy typing what I say at the end of the day, I type what I say! 
OK, now for my school day! I walked into my fourth grade class. Ms. Kendall told us to begin DEAR time.(Drop Everything And Read)
I started to read From the mixed up file of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler.
"Trade 4.2 to 4.1 and open your book to page 299." Ms. Kendall demanded.
Ms. Kendall's class sooned ended, so we switched to Mrs. Kelley's class. GT time rolled around the corner so fast. After GT we had Free Play in PE. Sooooooo exciting! 
Mr. Adams class ended so fast and we all enjoyed Elaine's sweets! 
What does the Gingerbread Man put on his bed?
A cookie sheet! 
                                         Claire Boyette