Monday, August 25, 2014

First Day of Third Grade

Claire and Paul before school.
Claire is in the third grade at Bruce Shulkey Elementary.  This year she will switch classes midway through the day, which she is very excited about.

Mom: What's something good that happened today?
C: We decorated a paper that says it's okay to make mistakes, or something.  She had this cool thing that her dad's friend made for her that there was a sharpened pencil with an eraser at the top and it said "never makes mistakes." The second one was a broken pencil with an eraser, like the lead broke off.  There was a third one with two erases at each end that said never tried, never makes mistakes.  The last one was a pencil with an eraser that had never been sharpened and it said, "Never tries."

We did a lto of going over stuff because it was the first day.  Stuff I already knew.

We did a calendar for our folder and an all about me story and an alla bout me packet.

I sat across from the teacher for lunch. She had watermelon and a ham sandwich and yogurt.  She had a big sandwich and a lot of watermelon and I think a cheesestick.

We made birthday cake thingies to hang on the wall and we put our birthdays on there.

She started reading us The Chocolate Touch.  So far, it's really good.  Can I read the book the Midas Touch or something?  I could probably find it at the library.

At her desk.
Mom: Tell me something funny that happened.
C: My math teacher said don't sit with your chair out too far and a girl sat out with her chair out for an example and they were pushing each other.  Before that, she said something about arguing.  She talked funny when she was pretending to be one of us.

And later that girl said, "I wish we could take out clothes off and go outside.  Oh wait, we can't go out naked!" I knew that she meant keep on your underwear.  She was being silly.

Mom: Tell me something that made you mad today.
C:  Nothing.  I don't like to do that.

Mom:  Tell me a joke
C: What do you call a nosy pepper?
A jalapeno.

She was so thirsty after school, she couldn't pause to take a photo with her friend!