Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Martin Van Buren

Today was the eighth day of school, Martin Van Buren day. 
Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  We read "We are So Proud."  They had a float for July 4th.  That's it.  We went to P.E. We played cars with our hula hoops.  This is your pretend hula hoop and you hold your hands across your hula hoop and you twist it like a car.  We did Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  I hear the knock, knock knock.  I open the door and take a big spin, and head and shoulders, knees, and toes.  Some of it is slap your feet on the ground with your heels and that's all I can remember.
Mama:  What else did you do?
Claire:  Played on and walked the alphabet.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Lola and Bailey and Leanna.  Do you know how to spell her name?  And Nitcia.  I think all my friends were my friends today. 
Mama:  Did you do math?
Claire:  No.  We did the problem of the day.  It's where there's a problem on a paper.  We played Legos and Snap Cubes and we saw Ms. Denmark in the hall.  We were in the hall and we couldn't talk to her.
Mama:  Did you do reading?
Claire:  No. 
Mama:  Did you do science? 
Claire:  No.
Mama:  What was your morning message?
Claire:  It's the same one every day.  A little bit different, but almost the same.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  About ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP.  That's it.
Mama:  Did you make anything?
Claire:  No.  It's too hot to play outside.  We did the predge of allegiance.  It says Boys and Girls and Moms and Dads that are in the room come stand for the predge of allegiance.  I showed everyone my tattoos on my legs, and my tummy and my back. 
Mama:  What did Mrs. Alvarez say about your tattoos?
Claire:  Nothing.  Mrs. High said, "Did the tattoo maker get you?"  I said, no, my brother got me.  Mrs. Alvarez asked if I had silly bandaids on me.  Is it joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Lion named Lion could eat your glasses.  Hahaha.  That's it.  I have one more joke!  Lizards are lizards that eat a big chicken.  Chickens are chickens to eat a big dinosaur.  Dinosaurs are dinosaurs to eat a big penguin.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Finally, I like school!

This morning I told Mama that I couldn't wait to go to school because I love it so much.  She was waiting for that and was excited to hear it.

Today my president was Andrew Jackson.  The way I remember it is that Mama says, "He's your friend and mine" and that helps me remember because Meredith's brother is named Andrew, too.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.  To me, when I say good, it can mean that some bad things and some good things could happen.  I don't want you to write the bad part, but today there were good parts.
Mama:  Were there any bad parts today?
Claire:  No.  Except for the part where kids said to not wear tattoos and I said that the teacher can tell me if I'm not supposed to wear them.  She didn't, so I know it's okay.
Mama:  What did you do today?
Claire:  Sing the months of the year, go to music class, get a stamp at was a music stamp.  We sang the months of the year.  Januaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrry, Februarrrrrrrrrrrrrry, March and April........
Mama:  That's a good song.  Did you sing anything else?
Claire:  The days of the week.  At music, we sang Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes, and That's What's New With Me, 1,2, and 3.  That's a song about how you like your new teacher, your new sneakers, your new buddy, your new picture, your new book.  Did you know in a couple of weeks we'll get our picture taken at the school?
Mama:  Did you hear any stories today?
Claire:  We heard the Kissing Pocket.  It's next after the Kissing Hand.  In part of that book, the big brother got a kissing hand the little brother got a kissing hand and the big brother said, don't give the little brother my kissing hand!  That's about it.
Mama:  Did you do any math today?
Claire:  No, we did it yesterday, though.  Can I try some Coke like Paul did at Ann-Marie's house? 
Mama:  No.  Did you do any science?
Claire:  No.
Mama:  Did you do any reading?
Claire:  No, I didn't.  We did a paper fill in the words that were lost.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Leanna, Nitcia (She speaks Spanish!), That's about it.  Lola wasn't there, but she was at lunch.  The rest of the other people were.  Is it joke time because that's about all I can remember.
Mama:  Okay.  Give me a joke.
Claire:  Daddy ate Paul when he was a baby.  That's it.
Mama:  Were you on Green today?
Claire:  Yes.  Leanna was on yellow.  Natalie Patterson was, and Diego was, and they missed five minutes of whatever fun thing we did.  That's it now, Mama.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 John Quincy Adams

Today's president was John Quincy Adams.  Lola was back at school and at lunch we discussed why she was absent.  She said that she had been sick for three days.
One girl had an accident.  It was number 2.  She was playing with the snap cubes and she forgot to tell Mrs. Alvarez she had to go potty.
Okay, here's the rest of my story of the day.

Mama:  Were you on green today?
Claire:  Yes, always.
Mama:  How was your day?
Claire:  It was my sixth day of school.  How about that?  I want some more chocolate milk.  Did you write that?  Don't do that!  Back it up!
Mama:  I write what you say.  I'll get you some milk in a second when we're done.  Yes, I wrote that, too.  What did you do today?
Claire:  The days of the week.  In PE we played hula hoops.  I didn't get it right but Amy got through the whole song.  I went up to her and said, "Amy!" and she said, "How did you know my name?"  And I told her that my mommy taught me how to read and I read her nametag.
Mama:  What else did you do today?
Claire:  Sing the months of the year.  We did our morning message.  It was how we get to school.
Mama:  What did you do after that?
Claire:  We looked on the Promethian board.
Mama:  What was on there?
Claire:  Little videos about how school children get to school.
Mama:  Please put down the kazoo.  I can't understand what you are saying.
Claire:  Worked on starfall.  We did that for a long time.
Mama:  What did you do on
Claire:  We did L and K.
Mama:  Then what happened?
Claire:  We went to lunch.
Mama:  Did you like your lunch today?
Claire:  Yes.  Then we did math.  Then we did that book Quilly the Porcupine.  (She's singing Batman through her kazoo.)  That's about all I can remember.  Joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Cinderella might eat the ducky on my shirt.  "Pause for a moment of silence," says the ducky.  The ducky says, "It's time for pledge of allegiance!"  Ducky says, "The United States of America has California." That's it.  No more joke time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

James Monroe Day 5

Hello!  I just got home from my fifth day of kindergarten, and I am whiny because I am so hot!  Mama brought Sugar Dot to come pick me up, which was exciting.  Something I keep forgetting to say is the first day of school my teacher read The Kissing Hand and ever since then, Mama has used a no-no marker (sharpie) and written a red heart on the palm of each of my hands before school.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  What did you do?
Claire:  Color, do stations, listened to Is Your Mama a Llama? Hey, that's some fancy writing!  Days of the week, months of the year.  There are seven days in a week.  PE.  We played scooters so a person sat down on the square part of the scooter and the other person pulled them like a wagon, only no sides to keep you safe. 
Mama:  Did you fall off your scooter?
Claire: No because we hung onto the side.  She still holded my hand when I stood up on it so people could say never never stand on it.  I had lunch.  We walked the alphabet.  She had letters and a picture and we sounded out the letters and said what animal it was.  That's about it.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Leahanna, not Lola because she had been absent. 
Mama:  How was lunch?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  Tell me about Mrs. Alvarez's scooter.
Claire:  It has the tortoise and the hare on it.  Not the video, a button. 
Mama:  What do you think that means?
Claire:  I don't know.  Do you?
Mama:  Maybe it means to go fast or slow.  Tell your readers why she's using a scooter.
Claire:  Because she has a hurt leg.  She went on a trip and she hurt her foot.
Mama:  What do you like about Mrs. Alvarez?
Claire:  She lets us play snap cubes and Legos.  She has a Promethian board to show us stuff.
Mama:  What's that?
Claire:  It's like an easel, I guess.  It shows us stuff.  Like the Tortoise and the Hare.  It's a video about if it's fiction or non-fiction.
Mama:  Okay, joke time.
Claire:  Mama, if your Mama is a llama, he might turn into Super Why.  That's all.  Now can we watch Super Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  Don't write that!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Day Four: James Madison

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Fine.
Mama:  What did you do at school?
Claire:  I did what I usually do.  Coloring, listening to books, go to music, PE, lunch.
Mama:  What was your favorite part of today?
Claire:  Singing the months of the year.  There are seven days, there are seven days in a week.  Count them!  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday.
Mama:  Thanks.  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Joby, Lola, not Lucy, she wasn't there.  She skipped two days off.
Mama:  What stories did you hear today? 
Claire:  The Three Little Bears and Goldilocks, Hear Leaf Trouble.  I want to hold you!
Mama:  I can't hold you just yet.  Let's finish this. How did lunch go today?
Claire:  Good. 
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  We learned about bears.  What they look like and how they act.  We made crafts.  Bears don't really make crafts, but we made crafts.
Mama:  Anything else happen important today?
Claire:  I'm going to tell you all the good parts.  Music, three boys had to go to the restroom.  One went to the restroom and Joby took him and then another boy took him and then Joby and the other boy were running in the halls.  You're not supposed to do that.  We heard them stomping.  And they had a stoplight.  We were on green, that means good.  We turned to yellow that means not actually as good and if you get on red that means not good.  Those mean you did the wrong things.  They had to go to the potty in the middle of music and at coloring time one boy had to move to yellow and another boy had to move up to red on the stoplight!
Mama:  What color were you on?
Claire:  Green.  I try to never be on yellow or red.  Oh no!  Paul ran over Wesley's foot!
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  One second.  Paul said he did that on purpose.  Don't write that.  It's not a joke.  Here's my joke:  James Madison eats a rat.  The rat tasted like a hot dog. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Thomas Jefferson Day Three

Every day in my lunch, Mama includes a note.  The note has a picture in it of the president that matches what day of school I'm on.  I just got home from day three, Thomas Jefferson Day.
You want to hear something super exciting?  There's a girl in my class named Lola and she had a loose tooth and when we were in centers, her tooth fell out on the floor!  She's a good seer, though, and she found it.  She went to the nurse and they said they were going to give her a tiny treasure box to put it in but they forgot to order them so they had to give her a bag.

Here's my Q and A for the day:
Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Long.
Mama:  Did you have fun?
Claire:  Yes.  We sang a song, "The first thing on your paper is your name, the first thing on your paper is your name, clap clap.  The first thing on your paer is your name, clap clap.  The teacher needs to know who did the work and show, the first thing on your paper is your name."
Mama:  Did you have music or PE today?
Claire:  PE.  We sang the "Wheels on the Bus" and played ball, and got water and that's it.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  We learned about A, B, and C.  Those are the letters.  We sang the months of the year and the days of the week.  We sang more songs.  We should have sang the ABCs, but we didn't.  She played to show us what to do, but I already knew.  Can I play Starfall?  Did you write that?
Mama:  I'm writing what your saying.  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Chickens are chickens.  Chickens tell silly jokes like lizards eat heads.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kindergarten, Day 2

Hello!  Welcome to my blog!  Today was day two of kindergarten at Mrs. Alvarez's class at Bruce Shulkey Elementary.  I had two concerns this morning:  1.  The school day is too long.  It makes me not want to go because it's so long.  2.  I couldn't use soap at school, just hand sanitizer.  This was upsetting because Mama teaches me about germs and the importance of washing my hands.  Mama talked to Mrs. Alvarez, though, and today I was allowed to wash my hands with soap and water.

Here's my Q and A for the day.

Mama:  How was your second day of school?
Claire:  Good.  I didn't cry.
Mama:  Who are your friends today?
Claire:  The same.
Mama:  What was your favorite part of the day today?
Claire:  Getting my milk.  I liked it but I spilled it.
Mama:  Do you want to buy milk again tomorrow?
Claire:  Yes.  Actually I don't want to because I made a mess.  But I would the next day, okay?  I'll be bigger the next day and I might be big enough not to spill it.
Mama:  What was your least favorite part?
Claire:  When we played with snap cubes and legos and I was the only one who cleaned them up.
Mama:  Tell me something you learned today.
Claire:  I learned how to read a "Claire I Am" book.
Mama:  Anything else?
Claire:  I'm thinking about it.  That's about it.
Mama:  What did you do in PE today?
Claire:  I went to music.  I didn't go to PE.  I sang two songs, I forgot the names.
Mama:  What else did you do today?
Claire:  Maybe just sit and talk to my friends.
Mama:  Did you do any counting?
Claire:  No.  I don't think I will.
Mama:  Did you write your morning message?
Claire:  Yes, we wrote about Bears.  We wrote that bears go to the potty.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Chickens are chickens but they could eat one of your tooth loose. 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Claire's First Day of Kindergarten

I just got home from my first day at Kindergarten.  My teacher is Mrs. Alvarez, and I was surprised to see her on crutches.  Mommy and Daddy didn't cry like I thought they would, but Mama had to leave earlier than I wanted her to and I was screaming and crying in my seat for about five minutes.  I thought they had really left the building, but really Mama and Daddy and Paul were waiting in the hallway and sending spies to check on me.

Here's my Q and A for the day:
Mama:  How was your first day?
Claire:  Sad but then I was happy.
Mama:  What were you sad about?
Claire:  That y'all left.
Mama:  What were you happy about?
Claire:  That the girl that said a baby is so cute and another girl was having fun and then I started having fun.
Mama:  What was your favorite part?
Claire:  Singing the months of the year to a new song, not like the one Mama taught me.
Mama:  Who are some of your new friends?
Claire:  There was a girl named Lucy, a girl called by a different name, but I called her Leah..
Paul:  Did you push her down?
Claire:  No!
Mama:  What did you learn about today?
Claire:  B and A. 
Mama:  What else?
Claire:  I liked that card you sent me.
Mama:  Was there anything you didn't like?
Claire:  No, except crying.
Mama:  Are you looking forward to tomorrow?
Claire:  Yes.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Mantanna has eyes that stick up like ants.  Haha!  Chickens are chickens but they might eat your pinkie bone.

I want to say, Love, Claire

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Kindergarten Eve

Tomorrow is the first day of Kindergarten.  On Friday, we found out that I will be in Mrs. Alvarez's class.  Mama said I'm in the smart class.  I'm glad and just a little bit excited now.
Here's the Q and A from today.
Mama:  What are you excited about?
Claire:  My teacher's name.  Mrs. Alvarez.
Mama:  What are you worried about?
Claire:  When Mommy comes, Daddy can't come. 
Mama:  Anything else?
Claire:  I'm excited about using my new pencils.
Mama:  What do you know about your teacher?
Claire:  She'll watch me.  She is nice. 
Mama:  What are you going to wear tomorrow?
Claire:  My navy blue dress with a skirt hooked to it and a headband from the Carltons.
Mama:  Did anything special happen today?
Claire:  We learned about Jesus and Daddy didn't go to work.
Mama:  What was different about church today?
Claire:  I got promoted to the five year old class.  That's it.
Mama:  At worship service did we do anything different?
Claire:  Just bringing our backpacks.  We put our crafts in it and at Children's Time, we got a heart sticker to put on our supply, and a nametag for when you feeling sad you can go to your locker and look at your nametag from church.  That is it.  Can I play PBS Kids?
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  A chicken, a chicken, a diddle dicken.  Oh, and eat a chicken a day to keep the doctor away.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Three days until School!

Hey, it's me again.  I've got three days left of freedom before Kindergarten starts.  Mama interviewed me again.  This is what we said:
Claire:  How come I'm not writing this?
Mama:  You're not fast enough yet.
Claire:  Why do you have to be fast?
Mama:  So we can say more words.  What do you want people to know about you?
Claire:  That I have a little toy big moose. 
Mama:  So if someone is reading your blog, and they've never met you in person, what do you want to say to them?
Claire:  That I will be their friend.
Mama:  Tell me about your pets.  Pretend I don't know.
Claire:  A chihuaha, a Yorkshire Terrier, and a ladybug.  Capt. Midnight Sugar Dot Express Boyette, and Wesley Eugene Boyette, and Lydia the Literary Ladybug.
Mama:  What do you like to do for fun?
Claire:  Jump on the trampoline, play with friends
Mama:  Where do you like to go?
Claire:  To the zoo, to the museum, to a place to buy me new shoes.  That's about it.
Mama:  What about church?
Claire:  You can make friends at Sunday School.  We make crafts.  I'm hungry.
Mama:  Almost done.  Tell me a different joke.
Claire:  Turtles can eat dogs.
Mama:  Good one.  Anything else you want to say today?
Claire:  No.  Another joke.  Mommy and Daddy found me in a tree.
Mama:  That's silly.
Paul:  I can't find He-Man!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

Hello!  My name is Claire Boyette.  I'm five years old and in four days I will be starting Kindergarten.  This morning I had a Q and A with my mom.  Here's what we said.
Mama:  What are you excited about school?
Claire:  That I can walk there.  Singing songs.  I might see puppet shows.
Mama:  What are  you not looking forward to?
Claire:  That Daddy can't stay on my first day.
Mama:  What do you think is important for you to know before you start school?
Claire:  To enjoy being a kid.
Mama:  Tell me about what we've taught you.
Claire:  You taught me to count.  Daddy takes me to coin shows so I can learn about coins.  I learned to keep money.  I learned about evolution.  You taught me when I was a baby to do puzzles.
Mama:  What do you think will be hard about going to school?
Claire:  To follow the rules.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  School cannot be fun but it really is.  Want another?  If you play with friends, you might see lizards.
Mama:  What's the most exciting thing about going to school?
Claire:  I don't know because I'm not excited.  I love singing songs.
Mama:  When people read about you, what do you want them to know?
Claire:  That Mommy and Daddy might think I'm the smartest kid in my class.