Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Martin Van Buren

Today was the eighth day of school, Martin Van Buren day. 
Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  We read "We are So Proud."  They had a float for July 4th.  That's it.  We went to P.E. We played cars with our hula hoops.  This is your pretend hula hoop and you hold your hands across your hula hoop and you twist it like a car.  We did Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.  I hear the knock, knock knock.  I open the door and take a big spin, and head and shoulders, knees, and toes.  Some of it is slap your feet on the ground with your heels and that's all I can remember.
Mama:  What else did you do?
Claire:  Played on and walked the alphabet.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Lola and Bailey and Leanna.  Do you know how to spell her name?  And Nitcia.  I think all my friends were my friends today. 
Mama:  Did you do math?
Claire:  No.  We did the problem of the day.  It's where there's a problem on a paper.  We played Legos and Snap Cubes and we saw Ms. Denmark in the hall.  We were in the hall and we couldn't talk to her.
Mama:  Did you do reading?
Claire:  No. 
Mama:  Did you do science? 
Claire:  No.
Mama:  What was your morning message?
Claire:  It's the same one every day.  A little bit different, but almost the same.
Mama:  What did you learn today?
Claire:  About ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOP.  That's it.
Mama:  Did you make anything?
Claire:  No.  It's too hot to play outside.  We did the predge of allegiance.  It says Boys and Girls and Moms and Dads that are in the room come stand for the predge of allegiance.  I showed everyone my tattoos on my legs, and my tummy and my back. 
Mama:  What did Mrs. Alvarez say about your tattoos?
Claire:  Nothing.  Mrs. High said, "Did the tattoo maker get you?"  I said, no, my brother got me.  Mrs. Alvarez asked if I had silly bandaids on me.  Is it joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Lion named Lion could eat your glasses.  Hahaha.  That's it.  I have one more joke!  Lizards are lizards that eat a big chicken.  Chickens are chickens to eat a big dinosaur.  Dinosaurs are dinosaurs to eat a big penguin.

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