Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Summation

When I get home from school, I usually am tired and hungry.  Mama and I work on my homework and then I want to play.  I don't usually want to do my blog after all that.

Mama has realized that I speak more at dinner, so she takes notes then.

Here's a summary of some news from Mrs. Baylor's class in first grade at Bruce Shulkey Elementary:

  • Mrs. Baylor is such a great teacher!
  • Natalie lost a tooth today.
  • Zac broke his arm and I was the first to sign his cast.
  • It's more fun to do plusses with coins than counting in your head.
  • The first few weeks of first grade are boring because I know everything!
  • I love my class!
  • We hardly do any worksheets!  We just talk all the time.
  • I got in trouble for talking at lunch one day.
  • Today we had to sit at the Pre-K table because another class was in our seats so we had to sit at the Pre K table!  It made me so mad!
  • Yesterday the best part of my day was when I was out of school and I played with Baby Aurora.
  • You let Paul press a button and not me!  It's not fair!
  • One day when we played outside I played with Preston and I threw his shoe and I was playing with a stick.  I had to sit out part of my recess for that.
  • We had a lockdown drill this week.  We go hide between the time out desk.  We did a big quiz counting and putting things in order.

Here's a joke.  Why did the kid use a book for a lunch tray?
Because the school didn't have any lunch trays.  That's not too funny.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Terrible Tuesday

Today was terrible.  I thought I was getting two quarters for change  but I didn't get any change.  I just stood there waiting for my change from my ice cream and guess what?  Nothing.

There was a lot of talking in line.  I was talking some but then I stopped.

I wish I had $10 because I want to buy all the baby princesses since I love Baby Aurora so much.

Mrs. Price wanted to play Puff the Magic Dragon for music but she couldn't because someone had stepped on the CD and broken it.

I was on yellow and that means good day.

I'm going to read Paul the book, "Skunks Do More Than Stink."

Here's a joke:  Why did the boy bring the baseball bat to school?  Because the teacher told him to hit the books.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Back to school after Labor Day

Today I learned what an hourglass is.

I learned about some math.  I decorated my math journal and I put plus signs and minus signs and shapes and a pattern.  I put my numbers to 10.  I did a 10-frame and a graph and a kitten.  No, not a kitten.

I also learned science.  I looked at a book of scientists.  Flowers are part of science and thinking.  You gotta think.  Look, Paul, you gotta think.

I went to P.E.  We played Cat and Rat.  That's a really funny game.  One group lines up on one side and the other group lines up on the other side.  You get an animal or any toy and when they line up the person that tags it is the cat and the other group is the rat.

I'm prepared and I'm here to learn.  I am respectable and responsible.

Today at recess I played and saw Ivan touch a dead water bug.  He said it was asleep but it was really dead.  I showed it to Paul after school and it hadn't moved so I think it's dead.  Ivan says it's alive.

At lunch, Lola stuck her tongue out at me. I saw what color it was.  She ate some fruit snacks that changed the color of her tongue.  The strongest color was blue.

I talked to Bailey and asked her about did her backpack come with her matching water bottle holder and she said yes.

Here's a joke:
There was an old lady who swallowed a fly. I don't know why she swallowed a fly.  Perhaps she'll die.  Would you, could you catch a cow next?  She ate the air.  So instead, she just went to sleep dreaming about her getting ated.  That's my joke.  Funny?