Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Score for Day Four

Tomorrow I have a spelling test.  It's going to be EASY!!

I love Ramen Noodles!  Are they expensive?

I like Sugar Dot. 

I got a 100 on saying the words and the letters and the sounds. 

We took a math test and it was EASY!!

We went to PE.  We played that game that I told you about yesterday.

I don't have any new friends because I'm friends with everyone in the class.

Can we play for five minutes before bathtime?  I'm done with my blog.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Tales of Day 3 in first grade

Today I brought home a list of 250 words, but don't really make me read them to you because they are too easy!

I got a big sticker on my shirt because I did a good job on my "All About Me" poster.

I went to music today.  We played a game.  It was me, 1, 2, 3, 4, Claire at the kitchen door, 5,6,7,8 Claire at the garden gate.  They don't mean the garden.  It was in another part of the world.  Garden means the lawn.  Claire at the lawn door.

The true song is 1234 Mary at the Kitchen Door, 5678, Mary at the garden gate.

Julie, my American Girl Doll, got her raspberry glasses in the mail today.

Today Mrs. Alvarez had half of her class sitting out at recess.  I don't think she has many kids this year.

I wrote a note to Julie.

I was the line leader again.  I was on yellow.  That's a good day.  We were going to go to great job, but Mrs. Baylor never moved our pins.

We have 24 kids in our class now.  I was thinking 34, but we have 24.

We didn't read a single book except in our little unit books.  We're on unit 1.  I don't know why I am on Unit 1.  There are some very smart kids in the class, so why do we have unit 1?

I liked my ravioli.  I kept eating it and eating it.  The only thing I liked was sunflower seeds, bunnies, ravioli, and that's it.  Oh yeah, my yogurt.  (That's her entire lunch.)

I don't have any new friends except D.  I don't know how to say it. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Day 2 Tales of a First Grader

I love Mrs. Baylor.  She is such a good teacher.

I did not like those corn dogs you made me for lunch.  Yuck!

I have spelling words.  They are:  "I, see, a, green, boy, up, the, in, out, go."

Did you know I will have a spelling test every Friday?

Here's a paper about how to pick me up from school.  You don't need it because you already know all that stuff.

Am I writing my numbers correctly?  Is my 3 right?  (Yes.)

Guess what?  I will be doing science.  I didn't even know I was old enough for that!

I was going to show you something but then I remembered today is the last day you get to walk me to my classroom.  It's my first day of school poster.  Darn it!

They really should have had meet the teacher and open house on the same night.

Wowwww!  I love strawberries!!

Now I'm going to write my spelling words three times each.

The only fun part of today was recess.  The funny part of recess was that instead of Lola being my mommy for me to be a puppy was that Alanii was or Bailey was.  The part I liked was that I got to be their baby.

The not fun part about today was that I didn't get to finish my All About Bruce Shulkey First Day of First Grade packet. 

I did go down one color because the girls started a conversation at recess and we finished the conversation in the hallway.  Yesterday I was at the front of the line but today Diego was.  It goes in alphabetical order. 

At PE today, this is what we did.  Say that you are a big giant circle and so a poly spot is right there.  If you are in khaki pants you go run to another spot, but if you run to the middle and touch a poly spot you are stuck there until you have something on that she calls out.  I don't know what the game is called.


Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day Report

Today was my first day of first grade.  I got homework.  Can I go ahead and do my homework?  Today was too easy.

I only learned one thing today.  I learned to make the numbers I write face left or right.  In my folder there is a side for parents and a side for me.  I have to learn all those math problems.  It looks hard.

FYI you don't have to do this, but you can, help with the PTA.  Duh!  You already do.

What did you like about today?
I liked learning where we sit.  We have line order and alphabet order and I'm the leader.  I liked the whole day.  I also need to finish my All About Me poster.

What did you not like about today?
I liked everything today and I was on red today.  Red is good.  There are different colors.  White is call your parents.  Red is outstanding.  We start from ready to learn, then black, then yellow...I was on black today.  Black is very good.

Yes, I got to talk with all my friends.  I didn't know I was rolling my eyes.

I didn't really like my lunch.  I didn't like the sandwich.  I liked the chocolate chip cookies, but I didn't finish them.

I read my whole lunch note, but it wasn't really funny.

That's all for today.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Grade Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first day of first grade.  I will have Mrs. Baylor. 

1. What think first grade will be like?
I think it will be easy and fun.  I will get lunch and other things later than they do in kindergarten.

2.  What do you think about your teacher?
I know she's nice.  She's smart.  She's the gifted and talented teacher.

3.  What friends are you looking forward to seeing?
My friends in the F-club from last year. (friendship club) All the friends.  Natalie, Elaine, Lola, Bailey, Alanii, Nitzia, and the rest.

4.  What was your favorite part of summer?
Doing Tail-Wagging Tutors at the downtown library.  (Claire read books to specially trained therapy dogs.)

5.  What do you hope you will learn about this year?
Learn about? I already know lots of things that I'm going to learn, like math, art, science, how to plant things.  Maybe I'll get to water the plants we grew.

6. How are you different this year than the beginning of kindergarten?
I'm better at things.  I'm going to meet newer friends.  I'm so glad.