Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Grade Starts Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first day of first grade.  I will have Mrs. Baylor. 

1. What think first grade will be like?
I think it will be easy and fun.  I will get lunch and other things later than they do in kindergarten.

2.  What do you think about your teacher?
I know she's nice.  She's smart.  She's the gifted and talented teacher.

3.  What friends are you looking forward to seeing?
My friends in the F-club from last year. (friendship club) All the friends.  Natalie, Elaine, Lola, Bailey, Alanii, Nitzia, and the rest.

4.  What was your favorite part of summer?
Doing Tail-Wagging Tutors at the downtown library.  (Claire read books to specially trained therapy dogs.)

5.  What do you hope you will learn about this year?
Learn about? I already know lots of things that I'm going to learn, like math, art, science, how to plant things.  Maybe I'll get to water the plants we grew.

6. How are you different this year than the beginning of kindergarten?
I'm better at things.  I'm going to meet newer friends.  I'm so glad.

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