Monday, September 9, 2013

Open House and Monday Frustrations

Mama and I on the first day of second grade.

Woohoo!  First day of school over.

Another shot from the first day of school.

At Open House, I showed Daddy all my work.  I was so interested that I couldn't look at the camera.

Digging in my desk to show Mama and Daddy my work.

This is my writing journal.


A story about an astronaut

My teacher and I looked so pretty.

Goofy brother photobombing us.

Working on the computer in Paul's room.

Today was a rough day for  Claire.  Due to some mis-communication/mis-understanding, she was separated from her class and was on the playground while they were inside.  She stuck by another second grade teacher and was back where she belonged in a matter of minutes.  Her heart was sad, though, and she was emotional for quite a bit of the day.  Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I made a lava lamp and now everyone wants one

Yesterday I made colored water with a dot dot marker and then I put in olive oil in a water bottle.  It looks like a lava lamp.  I took it to school today to show my teacher and everyone started begging and begging and begging and begging for it so now I have to make three more.

One girl was spitting out food at lunch.  She was eating food she didn't like.

I was sitting next to Bailey and I was about to spit out the name of the boy I like.  Bailey doesn't think he's trustable, but I do.  I like him.  Of course I think he's trustable.  Duh!

The teacher read Tikki Tikki Timbo.  Yeah!

If I make Natalie a lava lamp she'll give me some sparkly earrings.  I know she has some.

There's something really exciting that happened today.  Go Jayhawks!

Claire is dissolving into fits of hyperness and laughter.

Moo Bar!  Moo Bar!  I said Moo Bar!

I had the yummiest ice cream today and it was like a moo bar except it was chocolate in the center and it was oval shaped.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I got writer's cramp today

I had to write about math for about three hours today and my wrist was hurting and I started crying because I had to write so much.
I had to write all about scientists and if I wanted to a be a weather scientist and some other kind of scientist.  What was it called?  a bulbologist?  I don't remember.  Meteorologist was the other one.

I just wrote down an easy math story because I had writer's cramp and I couldn't keep up.  You see this part of me right here (showing her wrist) That's what hurts when I have writer's cramp.

You forgot to send my birthday card to Barack Obama.  That is one thing I don't like is when you forget about stuff.

I let Daina play with my hair because she likes my hair and I wanted to get her messing with my hair done.  I was like, "Keep on playing with my hair if you want to, as long as you don't mess it up."  I let people play with my hair as long as they don't make a mess, and they don't.

Can I have some Reese's Puffs?

Here's my spelling words.

I tried to pass notes to Daina with my invisible ink pen after school.  But you're always getting there early, so I don't have a chance.  And who in the world would bring a pen to lunch?  I'm not going to bring a pen to lunch.

She initialed my spelling words because I copied them right.

I missed part of math because I was learning how to unlock and lock the door.  I get to be a keyholder.

I kept crying in math because I kept tearing my paper.  She said not to worry and she would tape it, but she didn't and now I'm worried I will get a zero.  Probably not, though, because I'm so good at it.

I already know all my spelling words.  They are EASY!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Second Grade Day 4

Mrs. H doesn't mind if we don't do what we're not supposed to do.  She doesn't mind if we sit on the floor and read our head off.

I'm a manager.  It's my job to help people when they raise their hand to help.

Here's something super exciting that happened today.  When I did my test, I got to sit in the teacher's chair to do my test.

The teacher ran out of orange bus tickets so I had to ask another teacher for hers.

I got a note in invisible ink.  It said can we have a playdate in a week on Saturday.  It was from Bailey.

This is something really, really fun.  My test; it was an easy math test.  One of them was really  hard but the rest was easy.

I went to Art.  I made a clown, which was boring.  You couldn't talk to anyone, that's why it was boring.  And most of our coloring time was wasted with changing seats.

We didn't go out to recess because there was an orange alarm about recess.  It was too hot to go outside, even the principal announced it on the announcements.  An orange alarm is if you go outside the camera will catch you.  She mentioned teachers don't let your children go outside because it's too hot.

I gave Nicole a note in invisible ink.

Tell me something good that happened today.
Barely anything good happened today.  It was just a day.  It wasn't exciting, it was just a second grade day.

I did get to get on the computer and it said my password expired so I couldn't take my Star test because I needed a new password and Ms. Wagoner couldn't get our new password written down.  We didn't get to take our Star test.

Tell me something bad that happened today.
Two boys kept breaking out.  They got bumps on their skin.  Their skin gets all bumpy.  I don't know why.

One girl put her fingers down her throat and she threw up.  One boy told her to do it again and she kept doing it and she threw up.  

I started reading The Wimpy Kid book.  It was called the last straw.

A joke:
What's a dog's favorite job to have?
Being in charge of cats.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Second Grade Day 3

Good stuff.  I got a lollipop for turning in all my assignment papers you filled out.

We didn't read any books.  I read Dog in Charge and I Can Read with My Eyes Shut and When I was Young in the Mountains. And I read some in my summer reading book and something else, I forgot what it was called.  And I read My Lucky Day and My Chicken Stew.  I love those books.

I got my second spirit stick for the keychain.

What bad happened today?
I didn't get to go to recess because too many people talked.  Today she graded some of our papers and me and Bailey were the only ones that followed directions but we didn't put a number sentence.  I circled the locker number that the answer was and I don't know what Bailey did.

I wrote a story about friends and I read a book on the computer.  It was called the Twin Club and it was about cousins and a lady was at the grocery store and she said, "Oh so cute, twins, and they laughed and one of them tried not to roll his eyes.  When they had to go back after the summer they were sad but then they became the greatest email twin club because they would email each other every day.

Tell me a joke:

Knock knock
Who's there?
Car who?

Knock knock.
Who's there?

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Second Grade Day 2

Today was good.  I got a smiley face.

I got the blue dot special.  That means when she grades it, I get five extra points.

When Dainna was the teacher, she was really funny.  She was having her arms crossed with a smile on her face.  The teacher was telling her to tell Ms. Hillard what was the difference between long vowel and short vowel and she was like "Ummm," and that was funny.

I went to Art.  I made a puppy dog.  He had a triangle face and he is sitting on the floor and he has a squished pumpkin body and he has hanging down over ears.

Lunch was good.  I didn't like that cheese; it was too spicy.

We went to recess and I played puppy with Kaylee and people were attacking me and I didn't like it.  I was trying to go with Kaylee and we were going to get ice cream and people were trying to pull us apart.  Mia's favorite boy on One Direction is Niles and I promised to get her the real Niles if she set us free.

I didn't like when that boy said stupid to the teachers and wouldn't do what they told him to do.

Here's a joke:
Knock knock
Who's there?
Car Who?

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

Today was Claire's first day of second grade and this is what she had to say about it:

What did you do today?
Today I did a self-portrait.  I went to P.E. I had a 3-minute test to see who wrote their numbers the fastest.  I got to 55. I wrote what addition means to me. I did math.
There was a lot of time activities for like example, I had a timed test on the Promethean board.  I ate my lunch and it was good.
One boy was bad and didn't listen.  We got two new students.  They are both boys, I think.  I know one of them is.
One girl got in trouble because she was talking to much to another boy.  One girl had to move because another boy was being bad.
What was funny today?
The book Dog in Charge.  The cats wouldn't listen to him in the beginning when he was left in charge.  All the cats ran away and then at the end the dog couldn't get them to follow his directions and he got the cat treats and he was barking and he was sniffing and his eyes were watering getting really big and he ate the whole bag of cat treats.  He was mad the family wouldn't put him in charge again.  At the end the cats got in trouble and made a big mess.  The dog got a stomachache and he took a nap and he woke up and his dream came true and he got back in charge again.
What was your favorite part of the day?
When Mrs. Hillard read us the book.
What's new with your friends?
All my friends in there I know.  Except the two new students that I barely don't even know.
What did you not like about today?
That boy that got in trouble.
What are you excited about for tomorrow?
That she'll be surprised that I brought my papers home and I can get a surprise if I bring them back.  If I ask for it, she won't give it to me.  So I won't ask for it so she'll give it to me.
Tell me a joke.
What's my teacher's favorite thing to do with a dog book?
Snuggle up with it!  Get it?  Like she's going to snuggle up with a dog but it's a dog book!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New book

Today I got a allsome new book.  it is about our constitution.  it is by JuLiette tuRner.  and it is illastrayded by JuLiette turner.  this is what the Book looks like.  I like it. Paul got one to! he like his to. I got it at church. it is fun to Read and look at.