Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I made a lava lamp and now everyone wants one

Yesterday I made colored water with a dot dot marker and then I put in olive oil in a water bottle.  It looks like a lava lamp.  I took it to school today to show my teacher and everyone started begging and begging and begging and begging for it so now I have to make three more.

One girl was spitting out food at lunch.  She was eating food she didn't like.

I was sitting next to Bailey and I was about to spit out the name of the boy I like.  Bailey doesn't think he's trustable, but I do.  I like him.  Of course I think he's trustable.  Duh!

The teacher read Tikki Tikki Timbo.  Yeah!

If I make Natalie a lava lamp she'll give me some sparkly earrings.  I know she has some.

There's something really exciting that happened today.  Go Jayhawks!

Claire is dissolving into fits of hyperness and laughter.

Moo Bar!  Moo Bar!  I said Moo Bar!

I had the yummiest ice cream today and it was like a moo bar except it was chocolate in the center and it was oval shaped.

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