Monday, November 28, 2011

The Day after Thanksgiving Break/Rat

Today at school was exciting!  First because we brought a rat skeleton to school.  It came from Kaa and Paul's house.  They are Daddy's godparents.  They live in Texarkana.  Mrs. Alvarez showed us the skeleton and let us draw it in our science journal.

We had three students absent today.  I was a good listener.  Of course I stayed on green.

The state of the day was Ohio.

I was happy that I found my scarf and my Minnie mouse hat in my locker. Also, I left my lunchbox there.  That was okay because Mama bought me a monkey one anyway.

I did tablework. 

Do you know what I call a barrette?  A parrette.  That's my joke.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Crafts and more fun

I poked myself a little bit with a needle a few minutes ago.  Joke time?  Not yet.

Since Friday, I went to a birthday party, said goodbye to my favorite cashier at Aldi, went shopping at Kohl's with Mama, went to church, and made lots of crafts.  Here are some pictures:
Daddy is very silly.  On Friday night, we pretended that our ears were made of crayons.  Heehee!
On Saturday, we went to Ella's birthday at Little Gym.  Fun!

I got to do a bunch of tricks.

On Saturday afternoon, Mama and I went on a girls' only shopping trip to Kohl's.  We bought me a new outfit and one to match Baby Doll.  We were trying to take a cute picture with Paul, but he kept being silly.

Even though it was cold, I didn't wear a jacket to go bike riding because I wanted everyone to see that my outfit matched Baby Doll's.  Unfortunately no one noticed.

On Sunday, I got Daddy to help me with this craft.  He sewed a doggie bed for my dog, Gingja.  Like Ninja, but it's Ginja.  Mama made the leash and dog food.

Today Mama let me sew some things on my own.  Here I am with a pillow church.  I drew this, cut it out, sewed it, stuffed it, and sewed it some more all by myself.  I love my pillow church.

Here's me trying out my pillow church.  It is filled with cotton balls.

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call a doodoo head?  A googoo head.  Not really, just a joke.  Do you know what I call a shooshoo head?  A poopoo head.  Hahahahaha.  I'm rhyming.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Photos from Class of the Week

We were the Bruce Shulkey Class of the Week this week.  Here's some photos just before we made the announcements.

Mrs. Galban and Mrs. Alvarez let me hold the flag, but apparently I didn't get to take it home.

We each got a pencil from Mrs. Galban.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vermont Day

Did you know Mr. Gooch got a new student today and he did not listen to Mrs. Hi? 

We are class of the week this week.  That means that today we went to the office to do the announcements.  Mama and Daddy were there with Paul so they got to come with us.  We got to go to Mrs. Galban's office and Mrs. Freeman's office.  I don't know who Mrs. Freeman is (vice-principal.).

I thought I got to take the flag home today but it appears that I did not.

We just did math in class today.  Did you write about class of the week?  Good.

I didn't get to finish my high frequency words today.  I had to get a clipboard to go over there and make sentences.  I have a hard time with the new words.  They are:  she, with, for, and I can't remember what else.

Type the sentences I wrote.  Here.  "I have a dog.  I have a new book."  Okay?

Tonight we're going back to school for the meeting for the moms and dads for the parents that have smart, smart kids.  (gifted and talented meeting.) 

I told Bailey I was pretty smart because I know most everything Mrs. Alvarez teaches.  I told her I am a little bit smarter than her, I believe. 

If someone tells me I'm not smart, I tell them, "Don't tell me that.  I am very, very smart."

This morning Paul made me so mad.  I was as mad as the Pilgrims when the king said they had to go to his church.

Do you know what I call Mrs. Barton?  Pen Barton.  I really don't.  It's a joke.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Hampshire Day

We didn't go to recess today because it was wet and Mrs. Terry's class didn't go out.

In math we colored things red and yellow.

We read a little book called Sit, Sam, Sit.  It was on round 3.

I went to station 4.  You make Indian corn.  We cutted a piece of white paper out and we colored it and she had little squares that were black, red, yellow, and brown.  We glued them on there to make Indian corn.  Guess what!  She stapled real Indian corn leaves on there!  They were like greyish, like the color of the deck, like real Indian corn leaf color.  Kind of light brown.

I went to Art.  We colored with some plastic that we put under the table.  We colored some insects.

Lunch was good.  And we read the book, Papa Please Get the Moon.  He got a very long ladder and it was long enough to touch the moon.  Like, he touched the sky. 

A big boy came and got our canned goods.  Another big boy was pushing a basket.  They came from room to room, room to room.

What happens if you bring five canned goods?  You get a bracelet to not wear a uniform the rest of your life? 

No, just one day.

Do you know what I call popsicles?  Copsicles.  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Pugerdot.

Do you what I call tables?  Pabels.  Like labels only with a P.  That's all.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

State stuff

After Barack Obama, Mama started putting states in my lunchbox.  The states I learned so far are:
well, I don't know.  I want some Halloween candy.  I gave almost all of mine to Daddy and now I don't have much left.  Oh well.

I went to PE today.  We played snowball fights.  I hurt my tooth AGAIN.  It was the same tooth.

Monday we did a Storybook Parade.  I was Fancy Nancy Stellar Stargazer and Bailey was Fancy Nancy's best friend, Bree.  Lola was Catwoman.  Paul walked in the parade too.  He was wearing his race car driver outfit, but he wouldn't carry his car book.  He carried a football book instead.

Yesterday I looked for my missing hand sanitizer and I found it in "Bob's" chair pocket.  I asked him to give it back but he wouldn't.  He said he bought it at Wal-Mart, but it's Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and they don't sell it there.  Mama told Mrs. Alvarez about it since I wouldn't.  Mrs. Alvarez told Bob to bring it back tomorrow. We had to go to Mrs. Terry's class to talk about it.

Want to hear a joke?  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Booger Dot.  Hehehehehehehehe.