Wednesday, November 2, 2011

State stuff

After Barack Obama, Mama started putting states in my lunchbox.  The states I learned so far are:
well, I don't know.  I want some Halloween candy.  I gave almost all of mine to Daddy and now I don't have much left.  Oh well.

I went to PE today.  We played snowball fights.  I hurt my tooth AGAIN.  It was the same tooth.

Monday we did a Storybook Parade.  I was Fancy Nancy Stellar Stargazer and Bailey was Fancy Nancy's best friend, Bree.  Lola was Catwoman.  Paul walked in the parade too.  He was wearing his race car driver outfit, but he wouldn't carry his car book.  He carried a football book instead.

Yesterday I looked for my missing hand sanitizer and I found it in "Bob's" chair pocket.  I asked him to give it back but he wouldn't.  He said he bought it at Wal-Mart, but it's Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer and they don't sell it there.  Mama told Mrs. Alvarez about it since I wouldn't.  Mrs. Alvarez told Bob to bring it back tomorrow. We had to go to Mrs. Terry's class to talk about it.

Want to hear a joke?  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Booger Dot.  Hehehehehehehehe.

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  1. The story book parade sound like fun! I'm glad Paul got to participate, too. xoxo


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