Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Vermont Day

Did you know Mr. Gooch got a new student today and he did not listen to Mrs. Hi? 

We are class of the week this week.  That means that today we went to the office to do the announcements.  Mama and Daddy were there with Paul so they got to come with us.  We got to go to Mrs. Galban's office and Mrs. Freeman's office.  I don't know who Mrs. Freeman is (vice-principal.).

I thought I got to take the flag home today but it appears that I did not.

We just did math in class today.  Did you write about class of the week?  Good.

I didn't get to finish my high frequency words today.  I had to get a clipboard to go over there and make sentences.  I have a hard time with the new words.  They are:  she, with, for, and I can't remember what else.

Type the sentences I wrote.  Here.  "I have a dog.  I have a new book."  Okay?

Tonight we're going back to school for the meeting for the moms and dads for the parents that have smart, smart kids.  (gifted and talented meeting.) 

I told Bailey I was pretty smart because I know most everything Mrs. Alvarez teaches.  I told her I am a little bit smarter than her, I believe. 

If someone tells me I'm not smart, I tell them, "Don't tell me that.  I am very, very smart."

This morning Paul made me so mad.  I was as mad as the Pilgrims when the king said they had to go to his church.

Do you know what I call Mrs. Barton?  Pen Barton.  I really don't.  It's a joke.

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