Monday, November 21, 2011

Holiday Crafts and more fun

I poked myself a little bit with a needle a few minutes ago.  Joke time?  Not yet.

Since Friday, I went to a birthday party, said goodbye to my favorite cashier at Aldi, went shopping at Kohl's with Mama, went to church, and made lots of crafts.  Here are some pictures:
Daddy is very silly.  On Friday night, we pretended that our ears were made of crayons.  Heehee!
On Saturday, we went to Ella's birthday at Little Gym.  Fun!

I got to do a bunch of tricks.

On Saturday afternoon, Mama and I went on a girls' only shopping trip to Kohl's.  We bought me a new outfit and one to match Baby Doll.  We were trying to take a cute picture with Paul, but he kept being silly.

Even though it was cold, I didn't wear a jacket to go bike riding because I wanted everyone to see that my outfit matched Baby Doll's.  Unfortunately no one noticed.

On Sunday, I got Daddy to help me with this craft.  He sewed a doggie bed for my dog, Gingja.  Like Ninja, but it's Ginja.  Mama made the leash and dog food.

Today Mama let me sew some things on my own.  Here I am with a pillow church.  I drew this, cut it out, sewed it, stuffed it, and sewed it some more all by myself.  I love my pillow church.

Here's me trying out my pillow church.  It is filled with cotton balls.

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call a doodoo head?  A googoo head.  Not really, just a joke.  Do you know what I call a shooshoo head?  A poopoo head.  Hahahahaha.  I'm rhyming.

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  1. Claire, I'm having trouble getting the comment box to pop up tonight so I will make one comment for the last several posts. We were SO proud of you for getting to carry the flag at school & be in the important class that week. Paul & Daddy are so silly! We love your story about Thanksgiving & your new outfit that matches baby doll's. Papaw & I are so pleased that you are learning to so. We love you!!!


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