Tuesday, November 8, 2011

New Hampshire Day

We didn't go to recess today because it was wet and Mrs. Terry's class didn't go out.

In math we colored things red and yellow.

We read a little book called Sit, Sam, Sit.  It was on round 3.

I went to station 4.  You make Indian corn.  We cutted a piece of white paper out and we colored it and she had little squares that were black, red, yellow, and brown.  We glued them on there to make Indian corn.  Guess what!  She stapled real Indian corn leaves on there!  They were like greyish, like the color of the deck, like real Indian corn leaf color.  Kind of light brown.

I went to Art.  We colored with some plastic that we put under the table.  We colored some insects.

Lunch was good.  And we read the book, Papa Please Get the Moon.  He got a very long ladder and it was long enough to touch the moon.  Like, he touched the sky. 

A big boy came and got our canned goods.  Another big boy was pushing a basket.  They came from room to room, room to room.

What happens if you bring five canned goods?  You get a bracelet to not wear a uniform the rest of your life? 

No, just one day.

Do you know what I call popsicles?  Copsicles.  You know what I call Sugar Dot?  Pugerdot.

Do you what I call tables?  Pabels.  Like labels only with a P.  That's all.

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  1. Oh Sarah!!! This is just absolutely hilarious. I love this idea!!! Hope you don't mind if I steal this idea from ya to put on my blog too. I've been laughing so very hard the last 15 minutes reading all this funnyness.


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