Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Second Grade

Today was Claire's first day of second grade and this is what she had to say about it:

What did you do today?
Today I did a self-portrait.  I went to P.E. I had a 3-minute test to see who wrote their numbers the fastest.  I got to 55. I wrote what addition means to me. I did math.
There was a lot of time activities for like example, I had a timed test on the Promethean board.  I ate my lunch and it was good.
One boy was bad and didn't listen.  We got two new students.  They are both boys, I think.  I know one of them is.
One girl got in trouble because she was talking to much to another boy.  One girl had to move because another boy was being bad.
What was funny today?
The book Dog in Charge.  The cats wouldn't listen to him in the beginning when he was left in charge.  All the cats ran away and then at the end the dog couldn't get them to follow his directions and he got the cat treats and he was barking and he was sniffing and his eyes were watering getting really big and he ate the whole bag of cat treats.  He was mad the family wouldn't put him in charge again.  At the end the cats got in trouble and made a big mess.  The dog got a stomachache and he took a nap and he woke up and his dream came true and he got back in charge again.
What was your favorite part of the day?
When Mrs. Hillard read us the book.
What's new with your friends?
All my friends in there I know.  Except the two new students that I barely don't even know.
What did you not like about today?
That boy that got in trouble.
What are you excited about for tomorrow?
That she'll be surprised that I brought my papers home and I can get a surprise if I bring them back.  If I ask for it, she won't give it to me.  So I won't ask for it so she'll give it to me.
Tell me a joke.
What's my teacher's favorite thing to do with a dog book?
Snuggle up with it!  Get it?  Like she's going to snuggle up with a dog but it's a dog book!

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