Thursday, September 20, 2012

A Summation

When I get home from school, I usually am tired and hungry.  Mama and I work on my homework and then I want to play.  I don't usually want to do my blog after all that.

Mama has realized that I speak more at dinner, so she takes notes then.

Here's a summary of some news from Mrs. Baylor's class in first grade at Bruce Shulkey Elementary:

  • Mrs. Baylor is such a great teacher!
  • Natalie lost a tooth today.
  • Zac broke his arm and I was the first to sign his cast.
  • It's more fun to do plusses with coins than counting in your head.
  • The first few weeks of first grade are boring because I know everything!
  • I love my class!
  • We hardly do any worksheets!  We just talk all the time.
  • I got in trouble for talking at lunch one day.
  • Today we had to sit at the Pre-K table because another class was in our seats so we had to sit at the Pre K table!  It made me so mad!
  • Yesterday the best part of my day was when I was out of school and I played with Baby Aurora.
  • You let Paul press a button and not me!  It's not fair!
  • One day when we played outside I played with Preston and I threw his shoe and I was playing with a stick.  I had to sit out part of my recess for that.
  • We had a lockdown drill this week.  We go hide between the time out desk.  We did a big quiz counting and putting things in order.

Here's a joke.  Why did the kid use a book for a lunch tray?
Because the school didn't have any lunch trays.  That's not too funny.

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  1. Sweet Claire - I love your summation of your school week & I love your updated blog photo! In short, I love you!!!!


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