Thursday, September 1, 2011


Today is day 9 of school, which means William Henry Harrison day.  Mama looked up some better questions on the internet for me, because she says that it's hard to get information from me.
Mama:  What did you do that was fun today?
Claire:  Go to the library.  I just checked out a book, that's all I could do.  Other kids were playing with the computers, but I wasn't allowed to.  Do you know why?  I just saw big kids playing on it, so I think it was only for big kids.
Mama:  Did anything funny happen today?
Claire:  It was Bailey's birthday and it was also Dameon's and he has a lot of years and he was inviting me, too.  It was Bailey's birthday today and in a couple of months it will be Dameon's.  I like Bailey because she will let me come to her birthday.  I said Bailey, I hope my brother can come and she said, "yeah, he can come."  I said thank you because if it was just a girl party Paul will be upset.
Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to the library.  If you were me, wouldn't that be your best part?
Mama:  What assignments did you do today?
Claire:  We did some work with our papers, I guess. 
Mama:  What did Mrs. A. talk about today?
Claire:  We did Math and Mrs. Glazener is the math teacher.  She's the math teacher.  She just comes in and makes sure kids are doing the right thing for math.
Mama:  Were you doing the right thing?
Claire:  Mmmhmm.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Bailey because she's the birthday girl.  Every time it was her turn I would say, "Birthday Girl!"  Mrs. A said, "Why do you keep saying that?"  I said, "Because I'm telling her happy birthday!"
Mama:  Did anyone get on your nerves today?
Claire:  No, but somebody bothered Lola.  She was at her spot and she had to move.
Mama:  What color were you on?
Claire:  Green.  I have some people on yellow but it wasn't me.  Some people were on red and one person was on red I thought, and then I'm like "Oh, you have to move your clothespin to the floor."  I didn't say that but I thought it.  If you are on green you get to do everything fun.  If you're on the floor, you miss everything fun we are doing.
Mama:  Was there anything hard to do today?
Claire:  It was hard to cooperate with others.  We had to think about how you co-op-er-ate on a little movie and we had to talk about cooperation.  That's about it.  Can it be joke time?
Mama:  Yes.
Claire:  Sugar Dot ate whatever he could find for Mrs. Alvarez.  Sugar Dot made Mrs. Alvarez a cookie.

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  1. We are glad you were on green & you are so sweet to think of Paul for the birthday party! xoxo
    G'ma & Pawpaw


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