Friday, September 2, 2011

I found something in my mouth.......

So I was sitting in the bathroom today and I felt something in my mouth.  I thought, "Hmmmm. This feels like it might be a loose tooth."  And guess what?  It was!  It's going to fall out any second.

Today was day 10 of school; John Tyler.  We like to say that he's friends with Uncle Gilbert, because Uncle Gilbert lives close to Tyler.

I don't want Mama to give me yogurt or that twist applesauce again because it took me the whole lunch time to get them open.

Did you know I had a loose tooth at school and when it was lunchtime I was afraid I was going to swallow it but I didn't?  When I ate my sandwich I was afraid I was going to swallow my tooth.

Mama:  What did you do that was fun today?
Claire:  We went to the library to get a new book.  Every day I can get a new book.  I did not go to music today; I went to PE apparently.  That was weird to me.  A lot of classes were at PE.  Mrs. Price was there, the music teacher. 

Paul:  When I was in kindergarten, I had a teacher named Mrs. Pencil and I had a loose tooth but it was really a rock in my mouth.

Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to the library and going to the program about froggies.  (something about her new fundraiser.)

Mama:  What did you talk with your friends about today?
Claire:  About how will I not go to school on Monday.  I thought only when you were six or seven you would lose teeth.  I didn't know I would lose them when I was five!  Hold on.  I have to give Sugar Dot a round of applause because he went potty.  Joke time!

Lizards are lizards that can eat your hand.  Lizards can eat your hand.  That's it.  Is it funny?

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