Friday, September 30, 2011

Day 28 Woodrow Wilson

Sorry I've been out of the blogsosphere lately.  I was cranky yesterday.

Today was career day.  We learned about fire department and how to not waste water.  If you have a baby or a little brother like a three year old, you should not leave the medicine on the table because if they eat it it could turn it into poison.  Poison ivy.

You should brush your teeth three times a day.  Midnight, noon and morning. 

We got stickers to put on the phone about  poison.

I got in trouble at the end of the day because we were walking to the door and I stepped on a piece of bread.  Not from Mrs. Alvarez.  She wasn't mad at me.

There was a dog.  You have to read books to learn how to train a dog. 

There was music therapy.  That dog said sit and walk with me.  Where Sugar Dot crashes into me, I almost fall over.  You have to walk your dog on the left side of your body.  Now, can it be joke time?

Sugar Dot is really named SW.  That's the joke.  It's really SD.

One more.  Sugar Dots are Sugar Dots, not SDs.

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  1. We love you & Sugar Dot! And Wesley & Paul!
    Love, G & P


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