Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Day 21 Chester Arthur

Did you know we were learning how to be a big kid today?  Usually we get our library books off the table, but today we learned how to get books off the Booky Looky Cart.  We also had some things that were like measuring sticks but they don't measure and they are called shelf markers.  Today was my first day to look at books on the shelf.

Did you know some kids don't know how to say English?  One kid goes to a speech teacher to learn how to say words in English.

We don't know much about Chester Arthur.

Did you know if Mrs. Barton the PreK teacher sees the book order you will get some change? 

Nothing was funny today.  What was fun was going on the playground and going to PE.  That's it.

I did stations.  There wasn't a station stick.  I went to the listening center and heard a Diego story about Baby Jaguar jumping.

Alanii was still pinching my hiney a little bit in the hallway.  She almost came in the same little bathroom in with me that has the door that you lock.  She didn't come in, she was just acting up in the potty and playing with the sink and stuff.  You know how that is.

It was during specials when we were walking with Ms. Reed.  If she's behind me, when my hands are locked behind my back and they are on my hiney and then she copied me and pinched my hiney.  We were in the hall so I just looked behind me and whispered no.  She stopped.  I didn't know she could hear me but my lips were moving and she could tell what I was saying. 

Here's a joke:  Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

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  1. I'm glad you like the library & I hope Alani starts to leave you alone. That makes me sad that she bothers you. :(
    Did you know that Grandma loves book orders? Always have & always will!
    G & P


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