Friday, September 23, 2011

Day 23 Benjamin Harrison---I was on YELLOW!

Paul is singing, "Who Let the Loose Dogs Out?".

Today's president is Benjamin Harrison.  Daddy says he was the grandson of William Henry Harrison, the guy who died in a month.

We all had to move our clothespins.  I was on yellow and "Betsy" and one of my friends was on red.  I was on yellow because we were talking too much when Mrs. Booth was in the room helping Mrs. Alvarez.  Everyone got on yellow.  No one was on green.

I was the one that wasn't talking a lot but Mrs. Alvarez thought I was, but I had to go move my clothespin and I thought okay.  I was the only one not talking, but I was talking loud.  We missed minutes of recess.  We sat quietly in the shade by the school outside during recess.  Mrs. Alvarez wasn't mad, but she was upset that we had to move our clothespin.

On Monday, I'll try to be good so I can stay on green.

I knew I was being too loud.  I didn't talk as much as all the other kids, but I was talking a little bit and I did it too loud.  I moved my clothespin.  I'm going to try to be good.  I was talking to myself.  Lola wasn't there.  I was talking to Bailey, but not much.

We went outside.  I tried to fix it by trying to listen the rest of the day.  I was listening until that point.

It felt like I don't know.  It just appears to be that way.  I wasn't sad because Mrs. Alvarez said if you move your clothespin or I tell you something to do, don't get upset; I don't want to see one tear come from your eye.  She said you're not supposed to have a tear so I didn't cry.

Hopscotch, Daring Daffy Doutchy Dot.  That's my joke.

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  1. Isn't it nice that you get to start over on Monday? xoxo


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