Monday, September 12, 2011

I lost a tooth!

Yesterday we went to Central Market and Mama and Daddy bought me an apple. I told Mama that my tooth felt funny and then she noticed it was bleeding. Daddy put his finger in my mouth and it fell right out. In this first picture, I didn't even know the tooth had come out yet.

I was so excited! Now I have a hole in my mouth. Mama said that my teacher might not recognize me today because I look so different, but I think she was just being silly. The tooth fairy brought me $3, but she also took my tooth, which I didn't understand because Lola says that the tooth fairy left her tooth there.

Today was my 15th day of school. Today's president was James Buchanan. Daddy says that he was the only president that never got married.

Knock know, who's there? That's called a knock knock joke. Don't write that.

Mama: How was your day today?
Claire: Good. We went to recess before the library. We played on the regular playground.
Mama: Did the librarian tell you anything today?
Claire: Yeah, she got the sock card that I made her. She told me that Paul killed a bug for her. She didn't say that you helped her because I already knew you did.
Mama: What Mrs. Alvarez read today?
Claire: Mrs. Bindergarten Takes Kindergarten on a Field Trip. She said we would go on a couple field trips today but we didn't go anywhere.
Mama: Maybe she meant this year you will go on field trips. Did anything make you laugh today?
Claire: I already said that. We went to recess before the library.
Mama: Did anything make you mad today?
Claire: No. You shouldn't say that because usually nothing bad happens to me.
Mama: What did you do in math?
Claire: This time we were going to do something different. Mrs. Glazener taught a lesson and we did it again and I played on the computer then and I wore earmuffs only you could hear in them.
Joke time: This girl looks like Dr. Phillips. That's it.

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  1. Hi, Claire! I love your tooth hole! Don't worry about the Tooth Fairy - she does different things for different kids. She always took your Daddy's teeth. Pawpaw accidentally put Aunt Amanda's first lost tooth down the garbage disposal! But Aunt Amanda got visited by the Tooth Fairy anyway.
    G & P


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