Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 14-Mrs. A's scooter got stuck

Did you know on the first day of recess Mrs. Alvarez's scooter got stuck in the dirt and boys had to push her out and it worked?

Did you know Mrs. Alvarez moved us today so we could learn the best best best?

Lola likes saving her lunch and I tell her, "Lola, you are going to be super hungry."  She saves her grapes and her sandwich, but all she eats is a banana.  That won't fill her up, but Lola is Lola.  That's her choice.

There will always be recess.  We still played at the ninja park and the monkey bars.  If we go to the net thing, the Bill 100, we will get in trouble.  That thing that has orange poles that you climb up on the rope?  It's metal poles that look like rope. 

We went to P.E.  In P.E. we played Ghostbusters.  We had green ghosts and the people climbed under the people that got frozen that got rings.  Zachary went there.  He has a little bandaid thing around his hand.

I had lunch.  Every time I sit with Lola and I'm like Lola, I'm getting tired of sitting next to you and I thought about it and she's my best friend and so she can sit next to me.

We didn't do math today.  We had too much time cutting out and glue on our science journal.  It was for our science journal to put on front of it.  Mrs. Alvarez put Sid the Science kid on her journal.  We didn't write in our spirals or our science journal.  Most of the stuff we usually do we didn't do today.

I went to the library.  I got a new book.  I didn't really want the Superman one.  I wanted a doggie book and that's the only doggie one they have.

Plus, yesterday we went to the library and the teacher said if everyone brings back their book they get a sticker.  We had two people that didn't bring their books back so we didn't get anything.

At the playground Alani was giggling so much and Mrs. Alvarez said to stop, but Alani is so funny that I can't stop laughing.  We couldn't stop laughing because everything she does is so funny.  We were playing with Alani and making her go to jail pretend. 

Here's my joke:  A cheeto could eat a penguin's beak.  Googoohead.

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  1. Claire, I LOVE your blog this week. I was wondering if you & Mama wrote this week because it is not coming through my Google reader! That is really weird! I decided to look at your blog myself & what did I see - a week's worth of blogs! I feel very sorry for Zachary Taylor. What a terribly embarrassing way to die! Did you know I graduated from John Tyler High School and Tyler Junior College? Congratulations on your tooth - I ordered you & Paul some tooth fairy pillows - they should come in soon.


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