Thursday, September 22, 2011

Day 22 Grover Cleveland

In my lunchbox today, Mama put a picture of Grover Cleveland and Grover from Sesame Street.  That was silly.

Today was picture day.  I wore a bow, but it was a big problem and kept falling out.  Pictures were in the auditorium.  I got to go on stage.

At recess my shoe fell off and a friend in Mrs. Terry's class had to help me and I had stickers on my sock.  I had all sorts of problems because I was running and even Ivan had to put the bow back in my hair.  Ivan didn't do it as good.  We were running in the grass and my shoe fell off.  When I sat down there were stickers and a girl in Mrs. Terry's class had to help me put my shoe on and get the ouchies off my foot.  I was like, "Thank you!"

Did you notice we didn't do math today?

Can it be joke time?

I love polar bears.  I was supposed to say brown bear.  That's my joke.

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  1. Hi, Claire! Please don't forget to save Grandma & Pawpaw a school picture! (((HUGS & LOVE)))


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