Tuesday, September 6, 2011

#11 James K. Polk-You

Guess what?  I got to have recess today!  And Joey and another boy had their clothespin on the floor.  No throwing woodchips and when you hear the whistle it's time to go inside.  If your pin is on the floor you get no recess.  Camorrion and Jobey were throwing woodchips and it got in their hair.  Camorrion didn't have to have his clothespin on the floor, so that was good, but Jobey and another boy had to have his clothespin on the floor and that's not good.  But tomorrow they get to have their clothespin back on green.  Write that.

At recess we only played on the Ninja park (That's what she calls one of the playgrounds) and the monkey bars across from the monkey bars.  I played with Amy who is in Mr. Gooch's class. 

Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Going to recess because we had never had it before.
Mama:  Did you read any new books today?
Claire:  We read Octopotamus Lost.  It's about a platypotamus that got lost but the girl kept finding her.
Mama:  What did you do in Math?
Claire:  The math teacher is Mrs. Glazener.  She doesn't teach us, she just helps up if Mrs. Alvarez does it wrong.  She mostly just helps Diego.  We did shape math, and I already know the shapes.  Actually, how to sort math is what we did. 
Mama:  Did you write anything today?
Claire:  No.  We didn't write in our journals today because Mrs. Alvarez forgot.  She told us. 
Mama:  What did you do in art?
Claire:  Just draw a picture of ourself at the park with our family and on the back, draw our pets.  If you don't have them, you could wish a pet.  Mrs. Reid had frogs, two cats, and that's it.  I was going to say, "My mom holded frogs when she was a baby, but then I said, no potty talk."
You know what?  Damien said when he was in a different state, and she was like "Waa!  I don't want to hear what you did in whatever state that was."
Mama:  What else did Mrs. Alvarez talk about?
Claire:  I forgot. 
Mama:  What did you talk about at lunch today?
Claire:  I forgot.  I sat by Lola and Lucy has not been there for the first day.  She has been there the two first days but the eleventh day she has not been here.  I loved her and I wanted her to be there, but she disappeared. 
Mama:  How's your tooth?
Claire:  Soo, super loose.  It will go this far out.  I think it's about to fall out.  I wanted it to fall out, but you have to be patient.  That's what you say.
Mama:  Was there anything hard for you today?
Claire:  No.
Mama:  Tell me a joke.
Claire:  Did James K. Polk write me a note today?  The 11th president?  That's it. That was a joke.  You really did that, Mama.

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