Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Day 16 A Pretend Lincoln and new artwork

Today was my 16th day of school.  The president of the day was Abraham Lincoln, but it's only in the last year I've been able to pronounce his name.  Daddy taught me about him a long time ago when he started giving me pennies, but I used to call him "A Pretend Lincoln."  Now I know better.

It was too hot to go outside, so we went to recess before lunch. 

Mama:  Was anything funny today?
Claire:  Me and Alani in the bathroom giggle a lot because Alani is so funny I can't take it and I have to keep giggling.  When nothing is funny I can stop, but Alani is funny and I can't stop giggling.  Mrs. Alvarez keeps saying stop giggling but I can't stop giggling when I'm with her.
Mama: Did anything bother you today?
Claire:  No, except Alani in line to art, she was pinching my hiney.  The art teacher was with us.  I told her to stop but I decided not to do it because the rule is no talking in the hall.  I promise I'll try to remember to tell Mrs. Alvarez tomorrow.  She did that a couple of days ago too.  She kept pinching my hiney.
Mama:  She is not allowed to do that.  You need to tell the teacher.
Claire:  When I'm behind her, she always puts her hands back and they are long enough to get back to my hiney.  I keep telling her to stop.  The rule is to take care of yourself, not other children.
Mama:  What did you like best today?
Claire:  Everything.  In art we drew dinosaurs.  What you do is put four fingers on a paper and trace your four fingers and then you do it again to make eight legs and then you turn it over and make a loop and you do a v for a mouth and it's sideways and put an eye by the v and then you put triangles on the top and then you put a loop at the back of it for the tail. 
Dear Jesus who loves us, help us we Jesus to be your good Jesue and live the right Jesus.  That's funny.  Now come here so I can show you how to draw a dinosaur.
This is a picture of Sept. 11.  The foolish man that told the guys to fly the planes is on the left.  Then there's a spaceship and a plane that flew into the building.  Then there's an American flag.  Do you think this will cheer everyone up?

This is a dinosaur.  Doesn't that really look like one?

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