Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 19 Rutherford B. Hayes needs to Behave

Today was the 19th day of school.  The president of the day is Rutherford B. Hayes.  I think he should learn how to behave.

We started stations.  That's what the Johnny Appleseed paper was from.  I went to Station 4 and Station on the floor because we were going in rounds.  The hot pink group went to the hot pink table.  I made a monster.  I love the monster so much.  This says M-m Monster.  Right?

Marbles, monkey, moon, match, mop, mixer, milk, and mushroom.  Those start with M.

We went to PE.  Do you know how it rotates?  We go PE, PE, PE, Music, Music, Music, Art, Art, Art.  It keeps rotating like I said it.

We played bowling balls.  I always win.  I do the best, but I do good but nobody wins because they cry because they didn't win.  Fatima in Mr. Gooch's class cried, so Mrs. Hyde went and got her big sister from recess.  She had to be at PE instead of at recess.  I'm like, "That's sad.  She needs to be outside having fun."

We always do math.  We learned the words above and below.  We had little tiles that we put on the paper.  The blue tiles were above and the red tiles were below.

I sat with Elaine at lunch and it kind of rotated. The air conditioner wasn't as cold. 

Joke time:  Johnny Appleseed wore a house on his head instead of a pot.  Isn't that a joke? 

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  1. Hi, Claire! My Dad used to say that he might be kin to Johnny Appleseed because Mr. Appleseed's real name is John Chapman & my Dad's mother was a Chapman. Wouldn't that be neat?
    G & P


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