Monday, August 29, 2011

Day 6 John Quincy Adams

Today's president was John Quincy Adams.  Lola was back at school and at lunch we discussed why she was absent.  She said that she had been sick for three days.
One girl had an accident.  It was number 2.  She was playing with the snap cubes and she forgot to tell Mrs. Alvarez she had to go potty.
Okay, here's the rest of my story of the day.

Mama:  Were you on green today?
Claire:  Yes, always.
Mama:  How was your day?
Claire:  It was my sixth day of school.  How about that?  I want some more chocolate milk.  Did you write that?  Don't do that!  Back it up!
Mama:  I write what you say.  I'll get you some milk in a second when we're done.  Yes, I wrote that, too.  What did you do today?
Claire:  The days of the week.  In PE we played hula hoops.  I didn't get it right but Amy got through the whole song.  I went up to her and said, "Amy!" and she said, "How did you know my name?"  And I told her that my mommy taught me how to read and I read her nametag.
Mama:  What else did you do today?
Claire:  Sing the months of the year.  We did our morning message.  It was how we get to school.
Mama:  What did you do after that?
Claire:  We looked on the Promethian board.
Mama:  What was on there?
Claire:  Little videos about how school children get to school.
Mama:  Please put down the kazoo.  I can't understand what you are saying.
Claire:  Worked on starfall.  We did that for a long time.
Mama:  What did you do on
Claire:  We did L and K.
Mama:  Then what happened?
Claire:  We went to lunch.
Mama:  Did you like your lunch today?
Claire:  Yes.  Then we did math.  Then we did that book Quilly the Porcupine.  (She's singing Batman through her kazoo.)  That's about all I can remember.  Joke time?
Mama:  Sure
Claire:  Cinderella might eat the ducky on my shirt.  "Pause for a moment of silence," says the ducky.  The ducky says, "It's time for pledge of allegiance!"  Ducky says, "The United States of America has California." That's it.  No more joke time.

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