Friday, August 26, 2011

James Monroe Day 5

Hello!  I just got home from my fifth day of kindergarten, and I am whiny because I am so hot!  Mama brought Sugar Dot to come pick me up, which was exciting.  Something I keep forgetting to say is the first day of school my teacher read The Kissing Hand and ever since then, Mama has used a no-no marker (sharpie) and written a red heart on the palm of each of my hands before school.

Mama:  How was your day today?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  What did you do?
Claire:  Color, do stations, listened to Is Your Mama a Llama? Hey, that's some fancy writing!  Days of the week, months of the year.  There are seven days in a week.  PE.  We played scooters so a person sat down on the square part of the scooter and the other person pulled them like a wagon, only no sides to keep you safe. 
Mama:  Did you fall off your scooter?
Claire: No because we hung onto the side.  She still holded my hand when I stood up on it so people could say never never stand on it.  I had lunch.  We walked the alphabet.  She had letters and a picture and we sounded out the letters and said what animal it was.  That's about it.
Mama:  Who were your friends today?
Claire:  Leahanna, not Lola because she had been absent. 
Mama:  How was lunch?
Claire:  Good.
Mama:  Tell me about Mrs. Alvarez's scooter.
Claire:  It has the tortoise and the hare on it.  Not the video, a button. 
Mama:  What do you think that means?
Claire:  I don't know.  Do you?
Mama:  Maybe it means to go fast or slow.  Tell your readers why she's using a scooter.
Claire:  Because she has a hurt leg.  She went on a trip and she hurt her foot.
Mama:  What do you like about Mrs. Alvarez?
Claire:  She lets us play snap cubes and Legos.  She has a Promethian board to show us stuff.
Mama:  What's that?
Claire:  It's like an easel, I guess.  It shows us stuff.  Like the Tortoise and the Hare.  It's a video about if it's fiction or non-fiction.
Mama:  Okay, joke time.
Claire:  Mama, if your Mama is a llama, he might turn into Super Why.  That's all.  Now can we watch Super Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?  Don't write that!

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