Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 43 George W. Bush

Did you know we got a new student?  His name is MMuael.

Lola gave me a note.  I left it at school.  I didn't get Mrs. Alvarez to read it.  I read one of them, but I forgot what it said and I didn't open the other one.

Nina came today.  Her name is Nina Boyett.

In P.E. we practiced jumping rope and then we went outside.

I forgot what we did in math.  In stations, I went to Station 5.  I spelled words.  I already forgot what words.  One of them was swim.  I forgot how to spell it.

I made my tablework.

My president was George W. Bush.  He lives in Texas.  Dallas. 

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call crackers?  Quackers.  Do you know what I call cups?  cwups.  That's it.

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