Wednesday, October 12, 2011

JFK Day and report cards

Today was report card day.  In kindergarten, we don't get grades, we just get a note about whether or not we can do something.  Apparently I am still developing skills in sharing, following directions, and working on computers.  I also need to practice hopping on one foot, but I'm not sure why that's important and on my report card.

We didn't go to recess today because it was too wet outside.  My backpack was heavy because it had two jackets, a library book, a full folder, a lunch box and an umbrella.

We played Legos instead of going to recess.  I built airplanes.

We read a book today but I forgot what it was.  We read Pumpkin Jack, which Mrs. Lee read.

In math we counted to five. 

Here's a joke:  Do you know what I call a cracker?  A quacker.  Do you know what I call sardines?  Sarcheese.

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  1. Hi, Claire! JFK is one of Grandma's fave presidents! We know you are smart & that is what counts. Hopping on one foot will come in time. You can already do what is important, like read and count. xoxo


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