Sunday, December 18, 2011


Friday was my Christmas party at school.  Here are some pictures of it:
You might notice this picture contains Paul.  Mrs. Alvarez was so nice and she let him sit next to me and participate in the party, too.  This is a picture of Lola and me and you can see Mrs. Alvarez, too.

This is my other best friend, Bailey.  She would have been in the picture with me and Lola but Mrs. Alvarez makes her sit at a different table.

Here's me and Paul after the party.  We are standing in front of my locker.  Paul is blowing a straw.  He got a stocking, too, only his didn't have his name on it.

 We had cookies with frosting.  Yum!

This is a picture of Nitzia and Alanii and Ivan.  I'm not really going to marry Ivan or Paul when I grow up.  I can't marry Paul!

This is Diego and Natalie.  Mama tutors Diego on some days.

This wasn't at school.  It was the next day.  Miss Magunn did a puppet show at the library.  This isn't really Santa Claus.  It's Miss Magunn.

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