Monday, December 12, 2011

Today was Fabulous

Today was fabulous because I got a new book of my own, Red Riding Hood.

I loved when we got our little book.  These two ladies read to us.  One was skinny and one looked just like Mrs. Rabbit.

It was warm outside and we didn't even go to recess.  We just had Lego time.  (It was below 50 all day for the record.)

I made a mistake in math.  I did it right but there was the right number on the wrong side.

I did Station 3 and painted a Christmas tree with yellow and red dots.  The stem was black, but it should be brown.  She does have brown paint, so I don't know why we used black.

We're almost done with this year.

They're still painting the gym, so no PE.  We all went to music.  We sang, "It Must be Santa" and "Five Little Snowmen Standing by my Door."

At lunch I wasn't really that hungry but I really wanted some food but I wasn't that hungry.  I wanted some food so I ate everything in my lunch.

Hahahahaha I love you.  Now can I go listen to that book?

Here's a joke:  Monkeys are  doodies made of hair.  I love you!

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