Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Student

We got a new student.  He doesn't know any English or Spanish.  We don't know where he is from.  Today it was kind of silly because he put on his backpack to go outside for recess.  I guess he is totally confused.

I've got 13 chocolate bars left.  It's the World's Finest Chocolate.

I eat a lot of junk food.  After dinner sometimes I have one cookie, so that is junk food.  We are not supposed to eat junk food for three days for PE.  We get a certificate.

We went to music today and watched Little Einstein.  You disturbed me from my job of reading stories.  That's what I'm going to grow up to do.  I love to read, and talk, and do chit chatting.

I was sad at school today.  I told Lola she should have stopped in the hall because I got in trouble with my mom for running away. 

The new kid cried all day.

Everything at school makes me feel smart.  I'm always smart.  I know every single thing at school.  I'm telling you, look how smart I am.  I did two word family rhyming papers. 

Can I please buy one candy bar?  I do have three dollars and I want to have one so I can get something at Dollar Tree.  Please!  That way I can get done with it.

Are you writing that?  Can I buy a real candy bar from the World's Finest Chocolate?  Okay, I'm going to go do that if I have $3!  I'm going to buy a World's Finest Chocolate Bar!

It was exciting to watch Little Einstein in my music class.  Can I eat this right now?  Yes!!!

(Claire's mother notes that it is odd that the PE campaign against junk food is at the same exact time the chocolate fundraiser is going on.)

We counted to 16 and 20 in math today I think.

Paul, do you want to buy some of World's Finest Chocolate?  Sorry.  You only have one dollar.  Paul thinks that's enough, but it's not.

My best friends are Lola, Elaine, and Matthew, and Bailey.  I'm kind of friends with Ivan.

I'm a little friends with the annoying one and with the other one.

Here's a joke:

Chocolate, bocolate, World's finest Lockolate, snakelet.  Hehehehe. Write snakelet two times.

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