Friday, January 27, 2012


Today is Friday.  I'm selling the World's Finest Chocolate.  It's $2 a bar.

When you sell four boxes, you can get a pie and put it on Mr. Gooch's face. 

The money is for the school.  I wish you knew.  They are going to buy computers with it.

I just read a bunch of Biscuit books.  I read Biscuit and the Box, Biscuit's Trick, Biscuit and Sam, Biscuit and the Nest, Biscuit and the Frog, and Biscuit and the Duck.

Superman!  What's in the sky?  Is it a bird?  An airplane?  No!  It's Superman!

I'm training Sugar.  I'm training him to sit.  Sugar Dot! come on!  Let's train you!

We had a Reading Olympics.  I won a gold medal. I read a lot of books. 

Doing stations made me happy this week.  We've been testing but now we're done.

A boy brought a knife to school.  It was a little one; like a toy.  He kept calling it a stick.

Here's a joke:

Baby laby gaby maybe.

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