Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Catching Up with Pictures

Lots has been happening that Mama hasn't had time to type, even though I've been talking her ears off about the events of my day.  Here I am at the medal ceremony for the Reading Olympics.  I'm posing with Lola, Bailey, and Mrs. Galban.  Paul is hiding in the background.  I got a gold medal.

Here I am with my bestest teacher, Mrs. Alvarez!

Here I am with Mama on top of the ferris wheel at the Fort Worth Stock Show.  Notice our cute hats!

Here I am riding Kansas City, at Thomas' awesome party.

Daddy took me to the Daddy-Daughter Dance in Grapevine.  That's not really a Barbie in the box.  It's me!

Daddy and I were in a limo.  Like my face?

Daddy and I built a Lego tower that was as tall as Paul!  Paul would have helped, but him and Mommy were taking a nap.

Paul and I are just looking cute here.

This is me and Joby at the Valentine's party.  Joby is a rock star because he makes me laugh.

Here's Diego.  Mama helps teach him.

Here's my BFF Bailey and Nina.  Guess what Nina's last name is?  Boyett!  No e!

Lola was pretending to be a chipmunk with all the food in her cheeks.  Davyon is being silly, too.

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